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Meetup in Raleigh, NC Oct 17th-18th (bring blankets/sleeping bags)

Geoffrey Taucer

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Oct 17th-18th

It's getting pretty cold and anybody who's spending the night will be sleeping on the floor, so BRING BLANKETS AND/OR A SLEEPING BAG if you plan on staying the night.

I'll be working until 2:30 or 3:00 on the 17th, so either plan to arrive around 3:30 at the earliest. We'll hang out and do whatever (music, videogames, gangraping LuketheXEpitaph) saturday night and sunday.

Location: 5208 Westpine Court, Raleigh, NC

If you need my cell #, PM me and I'll give it to you.

Bring food. Also, I won't have a wii, so if somebody could bring a wii that would be great; if you can bring wario ware: smooth moves, that would be even better.



-Level 99

-BGC and wife




-Avatar of Justice

-audio fidelity

-Theory of Nonexistance










-My studio

-Beer (if anybody wants something stronger, you'll have to bring it yourself)


-Extra gamecube controls

-Smash Bros (melee being my favorite)

-a Wii

-Wario Ware on Wii


-Attractive single women between the ages of 18 and 26


original post:

I will be moving in to my new home later this month, and I would love to have a housewarming party OCR-style. If I were to hold a meetup at my place in southern Raleigh in late sept/early oct, how many people would be interested in comming?

EDIT: for those thinking about bringing gifts:

Don't. Bring food instead.

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Get me a specific day/time and I'll think about it. How far is it from Baltimore to Raleigh drive-wise?

Edit: Harmony, maybe we'll carpool if we can pull this off.

Sure, if I'm going I'd definitely want to get a DC area carpool going. Google Maps is giving me about a 5hr drive from College Park. So, I guess another 30mins from Baltimore

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In that case, it'd be best to do an over-night trip, as long as Taucer's willing to accomodate. Either drive a Friday-after-work or Saturday-early-morning and come back the next day or whatever. I can't take off of work any more if I still want to go to MAGfest, so a weekend is the only option for me if possible at all. But if I can come, I'll bring my geetar! And some board games! And a housewarming gift (hint: it's a cactus).

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Yeah, I didn't know you were expected to bring gifts to a housewarming party either until very recently. Apparently in the adult world, every time someone gets something new, they expect their friends to give them even more new stuff to go along with it; new houses, new spouses, new babies, ...

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It's looking very likely that I will make this. You guys (probably) get to meet me in all my blond glory. :)

Can we jam some? Jamming would be fun as hell. Hell, we could collab on a remix.

As I said, if I'm coming I'm definitely bringing my geetar, probably my acoustic as I really don't think it'd be proper to set up my full rock-rig at his brand new place :-P

I'm positive that jammage will happen.

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