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So, I finally checked their site after seeing an ad on TV. I currently have Sprint, and my contract is over. Considering I'm paying like $80 (after fees) for the most basic possible "family plan" (which I don't think is even offered any longer) plus an extra $5 for texting (for my phone only, not the wifey's), it seems like these guys are just an all around better choice.


They have a $50-gets-you-everything plan (calls, texts, online) or a $1/day plan which is just calls and texts, basically.

Either seems like a better deal than what I'm currently getting, or even what other phone companies are offering. Plus, there's no contracts, and their big catch phrase is "NO HIDDEN FEES".

So does anyone have any experience with these guys? It seems to me like since they are so much cheaper, that there should be some catch involved, despite their claims.


(Maybe this is an off-topic or help/newbies thread. If so, let there be moderation!)

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Wow. Net10 is my hero of the week.

Anyway, something to remember about most prepaid wireless providers is that they probably do not have their own network (unless you're dealing with AT&T, T-mobile, etc). They instead use other networks (like Verizon, Sprint, ATT, Tmobile, and whatever else exists out in the east) I guess under their own contract. Their cheapness may lie in the fact that they don't have to maintain their own network and stuff. I don't know what possible downsides may be. You'll also be looking at a limited selection of phones (usually). It seems boost only offers select motorola phones.

I doubt boost does family plans. Since you want more than one phone you may be able to save more elsewhere. Depends on how many minutes you want and what services (e.g. texting) you want.

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If you go with the Boost set up BGC, tell me how it does in Knox. I'm kinda tired of dealing with verizon and their 150 dollar a month for my 2 phone family plan right now, and I really didn't wanna change to something else cause from Loudon county and Anderson County it seems like other providers in the past have been ass. I know my work phone (nextel/sprint) is horrible about dropping calls.

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If you don't care about your phone being something to brag about, go with the pay-per-use. I end up paying about $12-15 a month, and I don't even have a land line.

Just a warning, my phone was probably cool about 5 years ago. It has a camera though! I have used this feature once, because the default wallpaper was so bad.

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I've got Boost, & the only thing wrogn with it, is sometimes I lose text abilites. Like, out of no where, I don't even know when they happen till well after the fact, because I've missed texts from friends. Other people I know have the same problem. Not sure if it's just my area, but, yeah, thats one thing that may suck.

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The only downside to Boost Mobile and other prepaid services is that you have to pay for the phone...which can be expensive if you want a nicer phone...Boost Mobile has a really nice one I'm considering switching...I'm currently with Virgin Mobile, and while I love the fact that I have no problems with their service...I get 5 bars all over town except at home(weird) but I can send text messages and make calls with no bars, and they don't get dropped often...and I've never had problems texting...

the problem with Virgin Mobile:

Bad or cheaply made phones...

Virgin's best:

Kyocera X-tc

Samsung Mantra

LG Flare

LG Rumor2

UTStarcom Shuttle

Samsung Slash...

The cheapest phones they have are the Flare and Mantra that are worth a shit...

Boost to my knowledge always carries good phones...mainly motorola...they have a "Blackberry" type smartphone now that's pretty cool, but to my knowledge carry no Qwerty phones that are a must for the frequent texter.

Net10 and Tracfone carry shitty phones.

You can also go to prepaid with any of the major networks and it'll be cheaper...

Boost totally unlimited is $50

Virgin Mobile unlimited is $70

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