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ABC's Video Games Style


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D is for D

Better rules were needed to establish a higher level of difficulty, such as all the words within the title to start with the same letter (i.e. Mega Man, Wario's Woods), titles following the subsequent letters in the series (i.e. Super Tetris, Legend of Mana) or titles following backwards succession (i.e. Tales of Symphonia, Castlevania: Bloodlines). Points could also be awarded for the number of letters in each title, multiplied if a pattern were used (same letter multiplier, sequence multiplier, reverse sequence multiplier). Challenge bonus would be added if a single-word title with 3 or fewer letters is used.

The next person would pick up off the last letter used in the previous title. The round would end when the last letter used is Z. Points would be added at the end of the round and a winner determined by most points.

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