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I'm actually interested in this. I can't say I'm ready to drop money for it, but it seems to be the closest thing to an instrument rhythm game with dance music that's come out since amplitude. I loved some of the remixes in Frequency / Amplitude and all the GH/RB stuff is so rock - oriented I tend to lose interest. Musically, this one is closer to my tastes than any of the other previous games have been (save for RB: Beatles).

I'll have to play it sometime to really see how much I suck at it...

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Also to Unlock Daft Punk I had to play for nearly 4 hours. Clever bastards...

If you would have pre-ordered it at Best Buy you would have been given a code to unlock them right away.

So a total big FUCK YOU to Gamestop.

And on another Daft related note if you didn't know.

They will make an appearance in Tron Legacy.

Other than that the game is hard. Or maybe just because I started off on the hard difficulty.

I do agree about the turntable being to loose. And scratching with the blue button sucks. Feels so wrong.

And the extreme crossfader parts…

Good god I was gonna toss the damn thing through the window.

Just waiting for some hopefully great DLC.

A dream package for me would be "7 for the price 4".

Justice, The Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, and Deadmau5 as playable characters with at least 5 of their own original songs with them.

Or at least in sequels.

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When I played this for the first time I was pretty confused how it worked because there was only one turntable and a mixer which acts like you're controlling two. If this would have made sense, it should have been two turntable controllers with the one mixer. On first glance, it's more confusing than actual DJing.

Also all of the "trance" mash-ups are pretty meh. I can understand that they'd have to do that because the typical trance mash-up is usually a harmonic mix and does not require as much turntable-ism that is present on DJ Hero.

Though that's supposedly an Armin van Buuren DJ game coming out or something and even though that's going to be mostly European trance, I have my doubts it might be executed well.

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And scratching with the blue button sucks. Feels so wrong.

I had this problem too, It might be different for you, but I was scratching with the button itself. It becomes much easier if you just hold the button down, and use your thumb on the dotted/shiny edge of the table to do the actual scratching.

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This actually looks pretty cool! Songlist looks good, and if I'm honest with myself I'd probably need the difficulty ratcheted down a bit from Beatmania level, anyway. I'll have to check it out...the price is brutal, though.

...I wanna know when we can expect a DJ avatar of the Decepticon Soundwave! >_>

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