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Dragon Warrior Project - Claim tracks, send WIPs, yeah?

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Well, I told you that if you wanted to confirm taking it, to post in this thread. If you still want it, you can do it, however I wasn't 100% sure that you wanted it or not, not because of you personally, but because of the trend of people claiming tracks in general.

People have been saying they want songs, and then they don't get back to me, so I just assumed that I wasn't gonna make you do something you are too busy/not that interested in doing. (I mean you are on a bazillion projects) and that you probably weren't that inspired for doing the song anyway.

If I am wrong, my apologies. Work on the song please, and we will see what happens. Since there is confusion, I really don't care about multiple copies of this song either. It's a REALLY popular song in the Dragon Quest series, and was reused in later titles.

That being said, I hope people who want to work on this project can pick songs other than the main overworld theme and heavenly flight from now on... lol

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Still looking for remixers.

Also I would like to clarify, if you are not remotely interested in Dragon Warrior music, and just want to join a project to join a project, well, please just don't haha.

It's not that at this point, I don't desperately want the help, but really, for the sake of the music, what I really want the most is passion for these songs. I love Dragon Warrior, and I've always thought the music was badass, but I also just know that at this point in time, even though I am co-coordinating, I do not have the time or the energy to make a remix that represents Dragon Warrior the way I would really want it to.

So for now, due to the obvious business of everyone, just take it easy.

Come January, I will be on all your asses though and even set a WIP date! Just you wait. ('enry 'iggins)

So have a completely awesome Christmas and holiday season, and see you in the New Year!

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Hey guys, Update Time!

Arrow has joined the project to take:

DW2: Track 4 (the town theme)

Yay! I'm really interested to hear what this guy comes up with.

Furthermore, I have more time to devote to work on the project now that I'm not traveling 7000 miles across the US, so expect some more tracks to be filled up and a WIP deadline to be set soon!

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Long time no talk, Mono!

First, I'd like to say I'm kinda flattered that you'd still think to hit me up about this, seeing as how I haven't really been active on the forums lately. That's because I haven't really had much free time, but that changed a bit just recently.

Having said that I'd love to do Underworld from DQ1, if it hasn't been snagged.

If not that, then I'll take on Castle from DQ3, but I really want Underworld ;)

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Yay, we have two more mixers today.

Anyway DiggiDis has joined and has claimed the track "Heavenly Flight" from DQ3

And ilp0 ALSO has joined and is claiming the DQ3 "Dungeon" theme.

Good luck guys! Please keep me updated with your progress!

Make sure you read page one, and if any of you have not yet joined the KNGI FORUMS, please do so and post your WIPS accordingly (talk in the shoutbox to let Kyle know you're on this project)

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Okay dudes I have another slight announcement to make.

I'm going to take on the CRAZY task of doing the artwork for this project.

For those of you who don't know, my major in school was animation. I am not a bad artist, so don't worry!

I am thinking about doing a more traditional, fantasy (American) type artwork, nothing in the style of Akira Toriyama.

Sound like a good idea?

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