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Dragon Warrior Project - Claim tracks, send WIPs, yeah?


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Sorry but no, I remember telling you you needed to do some things to it, so blue is withheld for now. It's, you know, done when I say it's done *_*.

We should review it again in IRC and I can tell you where it stands better. Thanks for getting me a WIP before the deadline though :D

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Yeah pm me, I am on ETG as always, but anyway you should also post it up at KNGI Forums, some people are finally giving feedback up in dat bitch, a second or third opinion wouldn't hurt IMO as well.

When are you guys getting your own OCR forums? OCR forums for the win. :[

There's some things I want to fix anyway so I'll produce a new WIP and then send that peoples' way.

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thanks, but don't post it in the thread please, post it on KNGI forums


tell Kyle you are on the project and ask for access to the COE private WIP forum.

Edit: Important changes announced on the first page. All musical artists please read, and if you have not already, join the KNGI Forums for more details.

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New Sigs Available!


Come on, you know you want to.

Tiny URL version

Anyway, thanks everyone for the great WIP response. It warms my heart :D

I will be setting a new WIP due date soon. Please don't stop working on yours songs now. We;re just getting warmed up.

If you have an extension, please keep in mind that the more I hear from you, even if you don't have anything from you, the more comfortable I feel about it. Let's stay in contact. Another big project recruitment sweep will be happening soon.


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I've also made a serious sig for those of you who mean serious business:


ANYWAY! I've sent out a pm to everyone who is on the project. Hopefully it clarifies some things.

Songs available for new people to claim tracks! Go for it guys!

Also: NEW WIP DATE IS JUNE 20th, for songs, halfway done, conceptually at LEAST GET ON IT!

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