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Dragon Warrior Project - Claim tracks, send WIPs, yeah?


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No fucking way am I canceling this! Not after all this hard work!

Guys we have to do something!

I believe the only weapon we have left is....datass. And we haven't perfected it yet! We don't know the level of destruction it could unleash.

But it could be our last hope.

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So I'm running into some problems... I redid the studio and installed Windows 7 and stuff, but I can't open the DW Town session.. this is the first one I've run into that I couldn't open. I am thinking it has something to do with RAM since my computer says I have 1.5 available after caching and all that nonsense (2.8gb total) and when it crashes, it is up to 1.5gb so... I will be pursuing a RAM upgrade within a couple days.

My song needed more than just a lead rewrite. I rewrote the acoustic rhythm to match the key changes in the lead. So now it's just a matter of being able to open the session, so I can do stuff. o_o

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Good luck with that. If it won't open, I hope you won't be too hard to redo.

At least you have an mp3 :J

I just now got the RAM upgraded to the max -- 4gb, so I'll update you soon on whether it opens... No it probably wouldn't be too hard to remake

Edit; the added RAM didn't make any difference, it still crapped out at 1.5gb.... I managed to open the session by cancelling the load of the EWQL stuff. Doing damage control now, seeing what I can remove to make it open next time.... yes ladies and gentleman, my musical process is 80% removing stuff to make my computer run better. It's very depressing.

Edit2; I think it was a bug with the halione components, I replaced them with more interesting-sounding RA sounds and now it opens without any problems. Good thing because although remaking it would have been err... fun?.... it just wouldn't have been the same song. :-)

Edit3; I'm having more problems with this project track than any other.. I am so mad, i want to kick my computer, I want to throw my lesser cat into the wall. I'm going to finish this song today or tomorrow and then I'm going to be done with it forever... Don't get me wrong I love the song, I just can't stand trying to work on it anymore. :-P My stoopit computer... tempo track problem.. ugh i have to re-record the acoustic guitars, AGAIN! Third time's the charm... lol who said monocow, it wasn't me.. wat wrong with you pleople

Edit4; i got lazy and watched law and order svu... also i downgraded to windows xp

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I will be sending MASS pms out soon, so beware! Take care! Beware!

Of the Big Green Dragon (warrior) that sits on your doorstep...

PULL THE STRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have something for ya pretty soon, babycakes.

Took a bit of a different direction, should be more along the lines of what you imagined.

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