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OCR01940 - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "Waking the Fish"


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About time I caught up with reviewing your stuff, Will. Now you have to get more posted. :P

I remember this one from way back, and liked it then. I also remember commenting your your kick drum fills coming in at the wrong times and THEY STILL DO! :P At least some of them, in the intro.

Overall, this is as your stuff usually is, Great synth writing, retro sound. The use of strings and piano gives it a different vibe from your usual stuff, which the source naturally contributes to as well. Not a bad thing.

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The techno here feels calming and smooth while being energizing.

This strikes a weird balance between being interesting to listen to and, well, not; there's some stretches where it feels very monotonous.

Other times it does have a very good groove going on, and those other times feel like a rest.

In the end, I have to admit that I do like it, but imo its about a minute too long.

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At first I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, it sounded alien and not as all as I wanted it to sound. However as the song started getting into it I started hearing what I can only describe as awesome. It might start out sounding nothing at all like Ballad of the Wind Fish but soon enough it turns into a great remix of a great song. It may not have been what I was looking for when I browsed over to one of my favourite portable games, but it definitely does do the song justice and will definitely make it into my Zelda playlist.

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This mix was my first take on trance music a.k.a. bLiNd style. As you can hear, I didn't quite get the sound right, but something a little different seemed to come out here, which still worked.

As far as the source goes, its a classic, and I took it in a VERY risky direction (my sister said I'd ruined ballad of the windfish when she first heard it)

I was experimenting with alot of cool phasor effects and other backing effects at this point to enhance my soundscapes, and I also wanted to make a synth solo that rivaled Daft Punk's Digital Love. The solo synth was crafted by me from a preset to mimick that sound, and it turned into my standard GuitarSynth patch I use for many of my later remixes and beyond.

Considering that this was more of a failed experiment than a successful one for what I wanted to achieve this has seemed to become a favorite. This mix for me basically says that sometimes, good things can come from something not coming out quite the way you intended ;)

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Diggin' the electronic sound of this one. Lots of energy and while I agree with the judges that the drums are a bit meh, the whole ReMix is great. This is a risk that I think paid off extremely well for you, WillRock. As for "not getting the sound right", I think that actually helped this ReMix by sounding a hair off. It came off unique and cool, so kudos.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01940 - Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening "Waking the Fish"

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