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Sonic the Hedgehog 4


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fuck difficulty and cost

I just want HD 2D

why would HD 2D have to be sprites anyway

Well, the Wii doesn't really support HD as I understand it, so Sonic 4 won't be HD. I believe HD is defined as outputting at 720p or higher resolution, which the Wii doesn't do. Standard DVDs are... 480, I think, and HD Remix was drawn for 1080p.

Short answer: you can have a high-definition 2D game without sprites, it would just use 3D models instead.

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Well, the Wii doesn't really support HD as I understand it, so Sonic 4 won't be HD.
The Wii version will not be HD, you're right, but the PS3 and 360 versions will.
GS: Will there be any differences between the different versions? That is, will the Wii have motion control, or will the PS3 and 360 run at 1080p?

KB: For all intents and purposes, the games are designed to be identical. There are a few differences per what each console can output visually: Wii will be at 480p, while the XBLA and PSN versions will run at 1080p. However, for certain areas of the game, the Wii will be able to use motion control, and the PS3 will be able to use the Sixaxis.

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Also, this doesn't mean in any way that the games are flawed or not fun, it means that they're not fun to you.

so basically what you're saying is another dumb 'my opinions are better than your opinions' argument

Also several Sonic games have made it clear that his name is actually Dr. Ivo Robotnik and the protagonists just call him Eggman.

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has anyone else noticed that the running animation in the preview isn't even good? he looks like he's supposed to be walking, and in the preview they didn't even take the time to make a stopping animation for him.

i can't tell if they're trying to get something out quick or just cutting corners because they think people won't notice

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