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Sonic the Hedgehog 4

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I think it looks ok. They could've made the character design look a bit more classic (I never liked the green eyed EXTREEEEME Sonic that emerged with the Sonic Adventure era; I think now would've been a good time to fix that). And this is more an issue with that emblem graphic.

The screen shot looks nice enough Sonic looks decent but yeah that run animation bothers me. Not so much when Sonic is on the loop, but when he's on flat ground, he looks weird.

I don't mind the '3D' as much as I thought. The rings look a bit huge though. And yeah I like to call him "Dr. Robotnik". Screw whoever prefers 'Eggman'.

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The retrospective looked nice, anyone notice how they used the beta sprite animation when they showed sonic 2?

Sorry, I just kept having flashbacks to that video Sega made that was half 15th-anniversary tribute, half "Shadow the Hedgehog" trailer. :evil:

(tried looking for it, but no luck).

I don't mind the '3D' as much as I thought. The rings look a bit huge though. And yeah I like to call him "Dr. Robotnik". Screw whoever prefers 'Eggman'.

I never understood the hostility between "Dr. Robotnik" and "Eggman." Sure I grew up with "Dr. Robotnik," but I have no problem going with either name. It can't just be because that's how it was originally localized, right...?

Or does it have to do with how they were 2 different characters in the comics? I really want to know...

Yeaaaaah it will came on WiiWare!!!
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Dr. Eckmin... Egmen... Eghhym...

yeah there's no way of making eggman menacing at all...

It's about on par with "Wiley," IMO.

Besides, I've always associated "Eggman" with "I Am the Walrus," which, remembering the mildly-disturbing lyrics to that song, kind of fits.

Edit: I guess the reason I never took this seriously is because that guy's a joke to begin with. Every single convoluted machine of his is destroyed and every plan failed. Menacing? Please...

Edit 2: --Though that giant final boss of S&K was pretty epic.

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I think you mean Wily

Thank you. That's another one that bothered me when Capcom used "Wiley" in, I think it was, the Mega Man & Bass manual or somesuch. It just feels sloppy when a company goes back on an already established localized name. And annoying to no end when a fanbase tries to justify it (though 'Eggman' being explained as a nickname is tolerable).

Another example would be: (and I'm warning now, it's a bit of a SPOILER for Mother3/Earthbound's Japan-only sequel)

Even if Mother 3 wasn't localized officially, the guys who did it kept the Japanese name of 'Porky' for Pokey, which I can understand as 1) they were trying to respect the original Japanese and 2) the whole pig army pun would be less effective with "Porky"s localized name. But it gets pretty annoying that when Earthbound fans raise a stink about the name, they always get flamed because "IT WAS ALWAYS PORKY POKEY WAS A TRANSLATION ERROR".

But I digress. Woo, Sonic 4.

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Dr. Robotnik sounds menacing. It sounds like a crazed psychopath bent on roboticising all the wildlife.

Eggman just sounds fucking stupid.

I believe the only reason we ever had the misfortune of a name change was annoying Anime Sonic/SEGA fanboys (is there much difference? Kidding, just kidding) demanding SEGA to be "TRUE" to the original. And that, was the beginning of a downward spiral for SEGA AND SONIC.

In regards to this new game, it's what Sonic should be, 2-D, no obnoxious animals, no princesses to "rescue" (I don't care if Lacey Chabert did her voice!!!), from the looks of it, just plain speed and fun. Even though I enjoyed Sonic's first few 3D games (SA, SA2:Battle, and Sonic Heroes), I'll take a 2-D GOOD Sonic game any day.

Though I'd prefer a retail copy of this game, I'll take what I can get. After all, this episodic stuff might be a test for SEGA to see if not just fans will buy a 2-D Sonic game.

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