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Best VG music from the years 2003 and 2006?

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Hey all,

I'm in a fantasy mashup draft. This round, we all had to draft 8 years out of the last 50, and have to use one song from each year we pulled. I'm using my pre-VG years for beat samples, and everything from 1978 on for music samples. I'm going to make a sort of awesome-VG-music-through-the-years type thing, and the early going is promising:

1978 - Space Invaders

1981 - Donkey Kong, Galaga, Ms Pac Man (haven't decided yet)

1989 - Mega Man 2, Captain Skyhawk, dozens more

1995 - Chrono Trigger

My last two years, 2003 and 2006, are somewhat trickier. There just isn't anything that leaps out at me, but maybe that's just because of my limited exposure to newer games and their music.

So what would you all recommend as the best video game tunes from those two years? And if you could possibly provide a link to the source material, I'd be grateful.

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As far as newer generation stuff is concerned, the best new thing I've found is Motoi Sakuraba. That guy freaks me out. Also, I've been really digging Yuki Kajiura

Check out Baten Kaitos Origins OST and then Xenosaga Episodes II and III OSTs.

You're welcome.

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Guilty Gear XX #Reload -

Baiten Kaitos


Ace Combat 5 -The Unsung War


Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 - Driver's Delight

Tales of Legendia -Let's Talk

Prince of Persia - Warrior WithinRooftop Engagement

Soul Calibur 3


Suikoden 5 - Wind of Phantom

Sonic Riders - Theme of Egg Factory

Rogue Galaxy - Shadow of the Sun

DJMax -

Ace Combat Zero - Zero!!

Another vote for the xenosaga 2 and 3 stuff, specifically the main theme of xenosaga 2

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Drakengard for 2003! Or SMT: Nocturne, if you want something that isn't already technically a mashup. (Oh hey, and Persona 3 came out in 2006. Shoji Meguro is a boss.)

Okami and F-Zero GX are great picks too.

EDIT: Didn't realize you were looking for specific tracks - here are a few of my favorites, at least.

Drakengard - Chapter 12 (Youtube completely doesn't have Chapter 9! Laaame.)

SMT: Nocturne - Battle (Amala Network)

and Seeking Power

Persona 3 - During the Test

Star Ocean 3 - Divine Spirit of Language

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I second (or, third) F-Zero GX. That one game alone will give you a lot to sort through ^_^

Sounds like you're looking for mashup material though, no? F-zero GX's songs tend to sound quite full already...

Hm, looks like Mother 3 was released in 2006.

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