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Super Street Fighter IV


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YUN & YANG now official

No Trailer Yet

new balance changes have been reported.

I Quote the Following

• Yun's Super is the infamous Genei Jin from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. Some people claimed they saw a combo where this took off 50% life.

• Zangief's EX Green Hand no longer knocks down.

• Hakan's Oil Shower stacks, i.e. it can be applied multiple times, which adds to the overall time it stays on. Also, he has a Kick follow up after applying Oil. Another follow up option after Hakan's slide allows the choice between doing more damage or oiling up again. Also, he can reportedly combo Standing Light Kick into his Oil Shower.

• Yang and Yun have their Third Strike target combos.

• Yun apparently feels sluggish, like Makoto in SSF4.

• Seth's Jumping Hard Punch is gone... it wasn't clear what exactly this was replaced with.

• The distance Blanka flies away after a blocked Beast Roll has been cut in half.

• Ryu and Akuma's Air Hurricane Kicks are no longer as effective for escaping bad situations.

• Juri's Kick Fireball seems easier to combo with now.

• Hakan's 360 command grab with Kick can be canceled. This is where he runs in place and if you let go of the button he attempted to jump towards his opponent and grab them.

• E. Honda's Ultra 2 Oicho Throw has had its command changed from a 720 rotation to a 2x half-circle back motion.


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• Guile's damage has been nerfed and his Sonic Boom no longer builds Super meter. It seems unlikely that the latter change will stay in the game, though. Another player using Guile said he felt like he was more or less the same, so the damage nerf may not have happened either.

• M. Bison's Ultra 2 is now a charge motion with way more recovery. It's performed by doing a Back then Forward command twice with 3x Punch.

• Sagat has his overall attack power slightly increased.

Balrog's Ultra 2 is now a double half-circle back motion instead of a 720. OOOO DAMN

• Abel's command throw does less damage now. His Roll travels slightly more distance. (Take that The Derrit)

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Post sources please.

All of the updated information can be cross checked in this Shoryuken thread. Keits is also updating the SRK frontpage to try and keep up with stuff, check it now and then.

Some highlights for Darkesword: Makoto's EX Hayate now an armor/focus breaker. More invulnerability on Oroshi, damage boost on Fukiage.

Edit: There is no official changelog yet, and it's just a location test. Everything is in flux atm and there likely will not be official confirmation on any of this until a final patch is released.

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