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Super Street Fighter IV


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my friend on XBL made and great saying. (The Bull shit always works) and its true in this game

give me you guys gamer Tags so we can play

The Derril

will probably be on very soon so get ready chump

/i can still only play abel

EDIT i'll be back after my mom goes to bed in like half an hour

i feel pretty good seeing as the last time i played was also with you

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really, I find him one of the most fun fighters to play with...

He probably doesn't like playing against El Fuerte.

I get that. At first I hated fighting Abel, it was incredibly frustrating for me. Then I started playing a few games as Abel, which helped tremendously in understanding him and finding his weaknesses. Now I enjoy both playing as and against him :grin:

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Abel is a boring turd. Against Abel i just jab his ass (if my Barlog) if you take his Ultras away like i do he's nothing


im also bad so you cant really take me as an example


EDIT when is someone going to make a ocr fight club thread so we can get everyone's psn/xbl tags in the same place etc.

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FUCKIN DHALSIM I HATE YOU if anyone agrees with me can i get a hell yeah :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:

Keep your distance and whenever you see the retard throw out a neutral jumping punch, smack him once it's fully extended. Don't forget to airthrow to punish those retarded teleports if you can. If not, DP right when he moves.

Trick is to let him come to you.

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