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Mega Man 10


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Bought Mega Man 10 today. Have beaten Commando Man and Blade Man, working on Strike Man.

Music is fucking awesome, Arek was right about the Mega Man 4 thing. Also I like his taste in Mega Man music from looking at his post. :)

Glad to hear that you are liking the music :)

This game definitely is among the top 5 in the series for me.

You will definitely enjoy the Wily Stages. They are some of the best they have done, especially the first one :)

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Up to Wily 2. Taking a break for now. Wily 2's music might be the best one I've heard so far. I've enjoyed most/all of the songs I've heard. Pump Man's music is like Dust Man part 2.

Y'know, based off what I've seen from people, they either LOVE or HATE the soundtrack. I guess it's the strict purists who hate the music or something. EDIT: Actually, you know what? It's totally because this whole soundtrack is really progressive rock/metal unlike the other ones, which are in-your-face power metal. Personally, I prefer the prog style...

I should so do one of these songs for Dwelling of Duels.

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If it makes you guys feel any better I like the Nitro and Solar Man stage music, as well as the first 3 willy stages. I'm fully expecting someone to say that all the stages I actually like are the worst and they hate them but that's ok. XD

The rest of the music might grow on me some once I get to play the game. I've been known to hate or be "meh" with songs, hear them months later, and wonder why I didn't like them before.

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Playing through this game, the only thing that strikes me is that getting a game over does not remove your items, like in previous games in the series.

That surprised me, and makes me think that along with the plentiful screws (which also retain over game overs), the game might get a shade easy in that matter.

I still am getting a shitton of game overs, but I have a bunch of energy tanks, and it's always good to have those half-shock things handy.

The music is pretty damn great.

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