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OCR TF2: Stab stab stab!


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the only class (besides spy) where you wouldnt be anywhere near your team and be right up against any enemy class is scout

and getting backstabbed as scout is just about as embarrassing as getting killed by a backburner pyro

For attacking team: Scouts don't have the HP or power to destroy defensive sentries

For defending team: I'm pretty sure you can agree that scouts aren't good for defense.

Spies are, they can take the attacking team out from behind.

Especially a dead ringer spy. That can cause some people to get super paranoid and fire rockets/throw flames everywhere but where they're supposed to.

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what game are you playing

I think it's clear that atmuh is referring to this game from a competitive standpoint, while neblix is coming from a pubber point of view.

In a competitive game (or a pub game with decent people), a spy's ability to do much is pretty much based all on luck and timing since most people are aware of what's going on around them. From my experience playing on random pub servers, a spy can actually cause a good amount of chaos, ie: a bunch of silly engineers build all their stuff next to each other; spy saps everything, demo comes in and wipes everything out.

It's like comparing Brawl with all items on with Melee fox only, final destination only, no items, etc.

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I actually have to agree with atmuh. For once.

Of all the times I've played Badwater*I've seem some brutal(ly annoying) defense Scouts. Jump in, pop a cap in someone's ass, jump out, get heals, repeat.

*best map of all time

I have never seen something like that before.

(i usually see the scout attempting to do that die)

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thats because scout takes a lot of skill and there arent many good scouts that play on the ocr server

its also rather amusing that whenever youve talked about basically anything on this subject the map you bring up is dustbowl

dustbowl is a really really poorly designed map and the scores of people on it really dont reflect their skill at the game at all

i just like it because its hilarious

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Kefka's Tower, in all its twisted glory

For those who didn't see the posts earlier, Gamemaster1379 was fungineering some more, and managed to build a nest in the skybox of plr_hightower. Hijinks ensued.

I believe several others also have good screens forthcoming.

So it seems that out of the new maps released in the Engineer Update, the only one without some sort of capability for crazy shenanigans is Thunder Mountain.

Note to Gamemaster: That is NOT a challenge. <.<

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Done, while we are on the subject, remember when the Sandvich used to be good?

Yeah, and I can also remember before then when it was mediocre.

Not surprisingly, things that are deemed too good eventually get nerfed... as long as they aren't a core gameplay mechanic (sentry gun, instant-kill backstab, sniper rifle headshots...)

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