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Happy birthday Sephfire!


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Sephfire was one of the first people to join my project, and he was all awesome because of that.

Also, he's a decent overall kind of guy.

Or girl. Shit, I knew i should have written this stuff down. I think he/she is also some sort of wombat. Possibly a hyper-intelligent one (hyper-intelligent for wombats, that is). Either way, I suspect Sephfire can operate basic machines, including firearms.

Everyone get him presents, or this hideous monstrosity of nature and science will surely gun us all down, one after the other. Then his kind will rule the Earth, resting his feet upon a stool made of our bones while sitting upon a throne made from our puny human skulls.

Oh dude, I'm so imagining a firey little fuzzball with a gun sitting on a throne made of skulls, with a pissed off look on its face. That would be so awesome a picture. Someone make it for him, and he will surely spare us all.

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