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Monster Hunter Tri


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...Geez is no one else playing this? I think I just found a new reason to keep the wii running hot for the next few months at least. Not that I wasn't playing it to begin with, but the game is pretty epic. <3 <3 I'd rather be playing this with people I have 'some' familiarity with than randoms online.

Edit: Also belatedly, I haven't played Phantasy Star Online at all, so... I have no idea?

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Having never played a MH game before this one, I'm working my way through the single player game before I try to jump online.

So far, I'm very impressed. Its a lot of fun figuring out the different monster's behaviors and everything. And I like the harvesting/gathering aspect. I guess it adds some variety to the whole thing. Looking forward to finishing it. Maybe I'll see some of you online later.

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I know Tweex and I have been playing regularly. Tweex "more than regularly", apparently, as he is way ahead of me in rank and gear. I have catch up work to do.

"More than regularly". You're too kind :).

And yeah, we both have been playing a bit the last few days. I don't have my friend number in front of me, but I'll remember to get it and post it here. ANYONE can add me, just make sure you let me know you're from OCR or I'll ignore it :).

This game has been awesome so far! It's been out for less than a week and I've already put 45+ hours into it. I love it!

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Alright, finally had a chance to hop on and get my friend code for MH.


Anyone can feel free to add me, just make sure you say something about OCR in the message otherwise I'll prolly ignore it :).

Lookin' forward to playing with some of you!

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I've been playing this since it's came out. First MH game and it's awesome! I'm mostly online when I play cause solo mode isn't that fun; so I'd be more than happy to play with whoever. I should be on most of this weekend. Probably have 50+ hours already :<

No wiispeak sorry.

HN: Kuon

ID: ZW675J

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Oh it doens't matter, I'm sure that I'm not the only European here :)

I knew you weren't; I was just being stupid. :P

What's this about a demo? How do I get that?

The demo was only available as a Gamestop promotion to people who pre-ordered the game. Maybe you can find one on eBay or something, but now that the game is out, you're probably not gonna see the demo in stores.

Although it's not like I'm using mine anymore now that I've got the full game, so if you're in North America and want it, I'll be happy to mail it.

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Started playing tonight, and I'm a bit muddled on a few things. First off, how do I change equipment outside of the shop menu?

Secondly... No, wait, I think that's it.

Good fun so far. I love exploring the areas for items.

Go into your room (solo or online) or go to the armory (online) and go 'talk' to the item box there. Select manage equipment to equip weapons and armor, and select 'remove items' to take out of the item box (things like potions, traps, etc etc). Let us know when you get online and snag a hunter ID Thalzon. That's where most of the game is.

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Tweex is ballah at this. If any of you guys are trying to get in touch or add me, feel free to poke at me here, IRC, AIM, or MSN.
Confirming this from firsthand experience. Tweex sends monsters home crying.

That's how I roll bitches :).

Seriously though, Slut and Seph are also quite the pimps in game. You gotta roll with us!

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