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OCR MVC 2 pt 2 is coming. Thanks Diotrans!

The Biznut

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Ok kids sorry if it seemed like I was freaking out. We're lookin good for tomorrow and since my computer isn't completely viral I'll be able to join in on irc. As for whether or not I get a video in... Only if I do it still tonight so, probably not.

It kills me but im glad that others are making me look bad... I'll only be better next time. Rock on guys. If all goes according to plan I'll see y'all tomorrow..

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Alright, I am going to do 2 things;

1. I am going to suggest sometime 2 weeks from now for the second viewing party.

2. I am going to ask someone else to coordinate it, as I will probably not be online again until 2 weeks from now when my honeymoon is over.

So basically figure out when you all would want to do a second one. Someone will step up and organize it. If it hasn't happened by the time my honeymoon is over, I'll chime in and organize it sometime shortly after. If next week works best, we can do that. If 3 weeks works best, we can do that. I don't think it should be more than a month from now though.

Anyways. I might be online again in the next day or so, but if not, good luck everyone! Peace!

EDIT - IF it can get decided quickly, I'll update the thread in the community section too with the correct date and time of the second vp.

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I'm probably out, but don't think that I don't care. Between my last video and ocrmv2 I've thought of about 5 different video ideas and attempted, what appeared to be, the wrong one.

I have an idea for a quick bullshit video I can do in this time frame but I honestly don't think I'm even going to have a few free hours to get it done. :(

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