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Ye Olde Sig Shoppe - * sig requests* (read first post)


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...I'm just one of your collections? A trophy?

*goes sits in a corner and proceeds to dive into a bag of cheetos*

i just want to keep a souvenir of all the sigmaker here that make me want to improve my work and spent time rating sig and giving advice. ;)

we love you senor bummer. Team Europe will never die.

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Off-topic, but I'm too lazy to look for the Rate thread RIGHT NOW.

So...nice Boss sig Douli. You can never have too many Okami sigs.


i was thinking about using ultros and chupo, and i told myself... enough square enix boss. So i moved my ass near my shelves for a quick look, and i saw okami. I remembered that i have High definition pics from it and voilà. The hardest part was to pick a boss between the two howls, Orochi, Kyuubi.

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Alright, I've been visiting this site for ages now but have only recently signed up; this is my first post in fact.

Now, I'm huge into fighting games, my personal favorites being Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core.

I was wondering if would be at all possibly to construct a Street Fighter III sig displaying the characters Ibuki, Urien, and Necro (my personal favorites) with my username tagged in the corner. If three characters is too much to add you can drop one of you wish, doesn't matter which, I like all of them, ha.

Here's a link to find character art for each character requested:


^Just click on the character portrait to bring up their respective art.

If this can be done thank you very much, this is a great thread idea for those new to the site. Also, there's been great work displyed so far, keep it up.

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