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DotA... it's been ages since I last played that. I think it was around when version 2.0 came out. How much has it changed since then?

i stopped playing around 6.6 and that was like 2 years ago

there was almost no similarity then and it's probably several editions beyond 6 by now

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Apparently it has its own Wikipedia page. That's... yeah. It's up to version 6.67c.

I used to play a mean Prophet back in the day. I think I annoyed the hell out of many people I played against because I was quite good at predicting where they would go and thus use the Sprout spell to either trap them or immediately convert those trees to Treants for a quick kill. I don't know how effective that strategy would be these days, though.

I don't have my WCIII discs with me, as I'm visiting my family right now, but if you guys want to play some DotA, I'll probably be up for joining in on it once I get back.

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