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Sonic 3 - Hydrocity Zone


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Awesome. It does sound a bit chaotic at times, though, I especially had that feeling around 2:23 but after a third listen it sounded a bit better... still, I think it shouldn't take me three listenings to get accustomed to it ;)

I'm getting that Jazz Jackrabbit vibe as well, which isn't such a bad thing at all. This, ofcourse, means that you'll just have to grind your teeth on a Jazz remix one of these days ;)

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Halc is spot on with what I talked to Will about.

The chords are just not filling up the track enough, they either need more sustain or more volume (I'd push for more sustain).

You do realize that post was a joke? :lol:

Also, you aren't talking about sustain, you are talking about decay. Sustain is just how loud the note plays when it reaches its minimum volume after decaying, decay is how long the note takes to decay (how it decreases in volume after you hit the note) Hence the name. Sustain wasn't the problem here, and I couldn't turn up the decay any more as it was on full... trust me on that :P

There was 0 sustain on my rhodes but thats not needed because the decay was up and the notes ended long before the decay started to take away from the sound... so i'm not quite sure what you are talking about when you say it needs more sustain, because the rhodes are rhythmic, they aren't decaying chords, minus a few exceptions, and that was the point.

And I turn up the rhoades any louder, they would just overpower everything else.

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I'm talking about the actual verb sustain, meaning:

prolong: lengthen or extend in duration or space; "We sustained the diplomatic negotiations as long as possible"; "prolong the treatment of the patient"; "keep up the good work"

Ah ok, for future reference, its probably a better idea to just say the length of the chords to avoid confusion :)

and as for your crit, I understand, but it completely goes against the idea of how I wrote the rhodes for my track, I think I'll leave them as is.

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Um... nice tune. Nice remix. Funk is the shit.

I'm going to agree that the short chords in the guitar are a part of the genre, there, so lengthening the reverb and such would defeat the 'funk' sound.

Just sayin', is all.

More importantly, though... Why haven't you finished the Chariots of Fire remix yet?!

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