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OverClocked After Dark - We're BACK! 01/18/14 - You can't handle it all

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Free Willy – Champion of the Sea

By Andy Prosser

Decadated to my freind Josh when his deviantart got hacked

Chaspter 1 – Clint is Missing

Free Willy patroled the ocean. It was been a hole week since the ship crash into a sea monster and make it sink. Over 400 people were killed. Free Willy looked for the missing little boy Clint who was heard about in the news.

Suddenly Free Willy hears a cry. It was a sad cry with emotion.

It was the little boy, and he was about to got eat by the monster!

Chapter 2 - Showdown

"You put that boy down now!" said Free Willy.

"Who is going to stop me!" said the monster. So Free Willy used his telekeneisees to talk to the other fish and attack all at once. But the sea monster ate them all and got more powerful to transform into a shark sea monster.

"I am going to eat Clint" said the shark sea monsetr.

"That's what you think cocksucker!" and Free Willy charges a laser attack and the shark drowns.

"Oh my gosh thank you Free Willy!" Said Clint.

"It's no problem I'm just glad your ok." said Free Willy. And he swims away...

"Free Willy! Don't leave me! Your my best friend!"

"Don't worry Clint. I am going away a long time to train. You are always in my heart."

And Free Wily swims away.

"No... Come back... Free... Willy..."

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Apparently in an alternate universe, My girlfriend is a super fighting robot:

Meganman 2.0 Robot Warz

By Andy Prosser


It was 17 year after the blow up of Meganman. Dr. Light stand at the distruction. The city was fire and broke all the buildings as they crumble to the ground and shook it. But he was not surprised. This was the work of the evil Dr. Wily.

He knew he must invent Meganman again to save the world from Wily's fire, but he lost the instructions. So he made Meganman 2.0 to retrieve them.

The Sand Ruins

Meganman 2.0 wandered the dessert. Him radar beeped as sand beat him ninja armor. He was close.

...Too close.

There he saw it, in the hot dessert sun, the instructions!

But it was just a montage! Surprise attack!

Dr. Wily grin angrily at Meganman 2.0. "Bwaha!" as he laughs, "You are looking for THESE?" and he helds up teh blueprints from his robot dinoasur.

"Enough tlak!" said Meganman 2.0 "I will kill you with A GUN!" and Meganman 2.0 used his lazer gun to blast a energy fire and kill Dr. Wily.

A New Day Has Come

At the base Dr. Light was happy get his blueprints. "Now I can make Meganman to kill Dr. Wily wonce and for all!"

"But," he was sad, "We have no more use for you no more. Sorry, Meganman 2.0."

And Meganman 2.0 was turned off.


Chapter 1 - Under Pressure

It was 1982. Bob Light was a student at Harvard who was study robots under Dr Wily. "You must win the science fair if you want to graduate!" said Dr Wily. So Bob went to lab to make a good experiment. After wekks of rigerous testing, Bob White founds the secret to make a robot. "It was so obvouS!" He said. But Wily was jealose.

Chapter 2 - Mayhem at the Science Fair

At the science fair the juges were impressed with Meganman. "Wow nobody has invented robot before" says one juge.

"Thank you I call him Meganman. He has a gun and a missile launcher."

"You win the science fa-"

But before he could get a ribbon Dr. Wily come in agrily. "You get a F Bob Light. I am unimpressed with robots!"

"Noooo!" said Bob Light. And Meganman detected that Bob light was angry and he blew up the gym and kill Dr. Wily.

Chapter 3 - Award Ceremnony

Bob Light stood prodly.

"Fpr your courageous I would like to present you this science fair #1 ribbon and your Ph. D in inventing robots." Said the science fair juge.

"Thank you... This is the happeist day of my life!" Said Bob Light.

Megaman said "I guess we can call him Docotr now!" and everyone laughed.


Dr. Light Experiment By Andy Prosser

Edited by Cyril the Wolf
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Short episode for the DnD stuff this week, as we prepare for our huge episode coming up this week. Have a listen!


Music used for Episode 5

The Beat Crusaders - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Shiro Sagisu - Number One

Joshua Morse and Richter - Wallstreet Monster

Jamariquai - Love Foolosophy

GrayLightning - Machina Anesthesia

Nobuo Uematsu - Vamo' Alla Flamenco

Nobuo Uematsu - Neo Exodeath

Nobuo Uematsu - Beyond the Wasteland

Shiro Sagisu - Storm Center

Shiro Sagisu - Blaze of the Soul Reaper

Virkato - PF Concerto No. 1 'Anti-Ares'

Blues Sarcano - Blood Shot

Blues Sarcano - Ro-Sham-Bo

Chris Goulstone - Champions of the Universe A

Daniel Lee - Clashing Swords

Chris Goulstone - Champions of the Universe C

Shiro Sagisu - Fly Me to the Moon 4 Beat Arrangement

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