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OverClocked After Dark - We're BACK! 01/18/14 - You can't handle it all

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How will being a live show affect the editing and overall sound of the show? If you guys aren't recording into audacity and then mixing that together... is it gonna sound all internet bandwidthy or will it be ok?

We haven't been mixing down audacity recordings since episode 30 something.

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The live stream is capped at 96kbps, and that's that. So the live shows may sound a little internet-y, but I will also be recording everything on my end as one stream (voices plus musics), so it will all just be a WAV render of the direct out to the stream before it gets stream compressed when we post the actual episodes.

Trust me, I got this shit.

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Oh yes, I should probably say this explicitly now that the cat is out of the bag: OverClocked After Dark has packed its bags of its independent nature and joined the wonderful umbrella of the 8bitX radio network. OverClocked After Dark will now be airing WEEKLY, Sunday nights from 8pm to 10pm EST, so you can listen to it live and chime in as we go through the week's mixes and ramblings. We will still be having guests on the show, and be doing fanfic readings.

For those who may be wondering why we're doing this, its for a couple of reasons:

1) It is taking a lot of the editing pressure off. Each episode requires an average of 8-10 hours of time to proof and edit, which explains the long time between episodes these days (the show's editor [moi] has been running low on time). This will ensure that each episode is smoother, more frequent, and forced low production time.

2) It is increasing our interaction with our fans.

3) It is giving us a chance to contribute to a great radio group, and will help facilitate more and better convention appearances in the future.

4) It is giving us an alternative hosting method and allowing us to integrate our forums with theirs so the population can basically double.

5) It is resolving a number of other issues that nobody probably cares about besides me.

So there you have it. Tune in THIS Sunday for the first episode of the new format. More like than not, we will be having Sephfire from Extra Credits come on and chat it up with us. See you then!

Tune in at: www.8bitx.com

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Episode 67 - Impressive Faux-Hitler

Stevo, David, Deven, and Val fill the timegaps between songs and the massively awesome interview with Jamie and Ruben of Emulation Collective, the folks behind virtualnes and virtualsupernes AND virtualgbx. Check out the show and listen to figure out how to win a Nintendo 3DS from Emulation Collective!

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