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Where are they now? OC ReMixer edition.

Less Ashamed Of Self

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Hey guys, as someone above posted, I've just recently returned! Can't believe it's actually been 7 years since I last submitted a song here. As for info, I got married almost two years ago, and I'm a pastor, currently studying in seminary in Massachusetts.

Music? I don't play as much piano as I did since I was a piano major in college, but I do keep up with it from time to time. Composition's been slow these last few years, but I did recently release an album that I'd been putting off for a while..

My site was down for years, but I recently revived it.


Anything new around here?

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Ha! I came to OCR in 2002, got a remix up not long after, clung to the "OC ReMix Artist" badge like an ancient religious artifact, and haven't been bothered to submit anything for years for fear of rejection.

I've seen you around. Is your fear of rejection mostly because you'd have to wait a long time to hear anything back? Seriously, the 6-8 month waiting period makes it hard for me to find any remixes I have that I find worth waiting for.

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