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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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I am proud to announce that the OCAD server now services the BLUE LANE railway, going from Val's most confusing Pyramid maze, around the gigantic diamond penis (created in memory of the original golden penis of the first server), all the way to the Sphynx of the sky city.

There are some ridiculous things going on at our place these days.

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We dont know how, please teach us!

If you're lazy but still want a google maps style map, then tectonicus might work. As long as it does a better job compressing images then the old Minecraft Overviewer did, it shouldn't result in a gig worth of images.

If you are however not lazy, you can do what I do for our map. Run mcmap to produce a single large image, then slice it up with my handy dandy PS script and then copy the code from my map page and edit as you need to.

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Something of interest for those who donated to aba, you now have access to a creative mode map. For those that have not donated and still want access to creative mode, I suggest you run over to http://angryitch.com/?p=177 and click the donate button. Giving money to aba is a sure fire way to get benefits from him.

To actually find the creative mode map, it's off to spawn with you, the Skyland portal there will take you where you need to go. If you don't know where that is, I suggest typing '/spawn' turning around and keep going up (stairs being on the left or right just behind you).

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And there you go!

Hey Phill, does your Tectonicus map have problem rendering Stone bricks, cause ours does.

I don't actually use Tectonicus to make my map, so no I don't have that issue.

Little surprised you don't have a pony theme park though.


There needs to be an view angle controller on it


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