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lost remixes?

Mak Eightman

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I didn't know where to post, so sorry if i wrong. Thats the question.. I had several attempts to submit my mixes, starting from this year's jun. But non of them appears in

"RECENTLY REJECTED" or "TO BE JUDGED" lists and I had no mail notification about reject. I think that they lost) I read all documentation and know about "reminder". But dunno how to use it.

Anyway thats my problem and I guess those mixes lost for OCR)

At least 2 of 4 or 5.. F/-k I don't remember how much?)

How much of Your mixes are lost?

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This topic is related enough, so I won't make a new one.

Regarding sending reminders, the admin folks may want to update the text in the submission receipt emails. In that, it says to check back and send a reminder to one of the judges if you haven't received an initial review within 2 months, as opposed to the 8-month timespan mentioned in the forums/faq.

My submission was back in March, so if you've updated between then and now, please disregard :)

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