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Appreciation of VG Music 3: Vocals

Capa Langley

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"M4 Part II (Faunts)" from Mass Effect

This is the game that reignited my passion for games with immersive scifi storytelling. And this song is no less inspiring. M4 Part II's electropop stands in stark contrast to the heavy electronic/symphonic rest of the soundtrack. And it's a highly appropriate contrast, a gentle -- not bombastic -- lifting of the burdens that the game throws on your character quick and hard.

"Color of the Heart" & "Let's Return Barefoot" from Garakuta Masterpiece Theater: Scribble Kingdom

Can't find vids on YouTube, will have to upload myself... :-(

EDIT: Color of the Heart:

and Let's Return Barefoot:


"Beautiful Woman of Alent" from Grandia

No lyrics, but the hauntingly somber air of this song captivates me.

"Lovely Strains" from Soukaigi

A lesser-known Square song, I just love the delicate vocals and the dynamics that make this orchestral piece more of a journey through feeling than a still portrait of emotion.


"Reset" from Okami

While I hope this is no one's first contact with this lovely piece, just couldn't help but include it. Particularly enjoy the ebb and flow intensity in this Jpop-ish gem.


"Kokoro" from Xenosaga

Popular Square song, yeah yeah, guilty pleasure. Celtic pipes + Emotive vocals = Defenses breached


"Megalith -Agnus Dei-" from Ace Combat 4

This piece is one of the most powerful uses of choir in VGM. Strong orchestra, loud vocals, and a driving electro-beat make this a classic in my book. (Also, my upload of this video somehow became the most popular YouTube vid of the song... despite having a grand total of eight YT vids. Yeah, go figure.)


"Room of Angel" from Silent Hill 4

Creepy, haunting lyrics with oddly calming music. <3

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YEESSSS. After that amazing opening theme, Yoko managed to make it even more breathtaking. Though it would have been better if attached to one of the other storylines... *cough*Geo*cough*

There's a lot of vocals scattered in this game, most of them surprisingly well-performed, even if only used as stings. This one in particular, though, really stuck after I'd finished playing, especially with its placement in the game.

Also one of my favorites, for exactly the reasons you mention.

Timesplitters 3 has some really good tracks that get swept under the rug amidst all the shooting. Goteki did a really good job with their stuff. These are my favorites with vocals:

Who's the Mummy (Temple Theme)

And one more:

As a bonus, for those that like MSG's awesome intro song, this is from the fan-movie Metal Gear: Philanthropy (Which I recommend you go watch, it's really good) and by the same artist, almost as a sort of sequel.

Will There be an End

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Some more:

This is mostly the only song in the OST that really stands out, but it's really good. Pay no heed to the top-rated comments or the game's general fanbase... Then again, you know who this game markets itself towards... Hint: rhymes with yuri but not as good.

All the same, the composer did a good job on this theme.

Also, something far more awesome just because of the great engrish, it's...





Seriously, it's the best song in the arranged soundtrack.

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