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Appreciation of VG Music 3: Vocals

Capa Langley

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Theme #3: Vocal tracks

What is needed:

  • Link a stream or youtube video of your favorite original track that must correspond with the current theme. Not limited to just one.
  • Explain why you like the specific track. Don't just say you like it.
  • Some favorites will often be shared between more than one persons. This means someone else will likely post a track which you like. So instead post your 2nd favorite or so forth. No duplicates. The idea here is to spread as much different tracks as possible.
  • Or, you can post a track you've never really listened to before and write why it should be enjoyed.
  • Participation is key.

Previous sessions:

1. Battle Music

2. Game Boy

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Okay, so I hope songs from video game AST's count, the original didn't have vocals because of the limitation of the Gameboy Advance!


Mark of Justice - Resistance Anthem!

Okay, so listen to these beastly men sing. Seriously, I'm convinced of whatever it is their singing about (okay so within the game plot its probably about the guys who are going to fight against the Neo Arcadian Regime but I digress) in Japanese.

If this doesn't count, then I'll just go with Dreams of an Absolution, but I'll make a separate post about that.

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Not only the vocals. It has pretty much everything I love in a hip-hop track, from guitar stabs to scratching.

Wow, I had a total 90's music trip when I listened to this.

As for myself, I gotta keep the cheesiness going with this track from Sonic Adventure:

Yeah it's cheesy, but it's tons of fun and it makes Knuckles about 10x more interesting than any of the other characters in this game. Used to listen to this on a loop in the SA sound check 8)

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We <3 Katamari - Bluffing Damacy

I think it's a testament to how good a song this is that I can find it so catchy and I can't even understand the language it's sung in. True that the Katamari games have all had pretty amazing music, obviously the first and second ones, this one is my favorite of them all. I think that if this song were translated into English, it would lose some of the interesting 'syllable squeezes' that make it sound the way it does, if that makes any sense; I'm glad they kept the original Japanese tracks for these Katamari games (though I'm aware they throw in a few Romanized Japanese words in there too, which also add to the experience).

We <3 Katamari - Houston

Another great one.

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Growing Wings - Takayuki Aihara? (and vocals by "Kay Jemsen" aka Kari Wahlgren)

The game's soundtrack is ridiculous, and not particularly appealing. It does fit the mood of the game, which is dissonant... and not particularly appealing. The

is slightly different, and was the first version of the song I encountered (I don't remember which ending I got first any more, but I don't think it was B). It captures the essence of the chaotic, tragic nature of the game and has beautiful vocals.

Also this.

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Sonic Adventure 2 - 'Rouge' stage themes

: Pretty much any Rouge track from Sonic Adventure 2 is a sure bet for awesome. This one probably has the most vocal action going on. The rest are a little more instrumentally driven, but still contain some jazz scat stylings. Not sure jazzy spy music has ever been done so well anywhere else in video games.

Here are some more Rouge tracks:

: This actually has some non-scat singing, but I chose the other theme as it more exemplified the 'spy' motif of these songs.

: My favorite of the bunch.

-34ºN, 12ºE (Mad Space)

Heh, my friend actually used some of these tracks for his breakdancing routine videos.

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If you're looking for a soundtrack with incredible vocal themes, definitely check out

. I put off listening to it (mainly because of how much Wingless was jizzing all over it), but it really is beautiful. It's also impressive how most of the songs are sung in imaginary languages invented by the vocalist and still end up sounding convincingly natural.
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Oh, a vg song with vocals that really left an impact on me when I first heard it was Minuet, from Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.

It's beautiful and I think it works perfectly with the opening and sets a great tone for the game itself. Bards and romanticism and meeting and parting with a wide array of allies. Fun times.

ETA!: The live version is pretty fantastic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6Olgn7T-Y8

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Morning Sky or

from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has always been a favorite of mine. It's simple, but effective.

Again, simple, but effective.

The ending of Legend of Mana. The vocals in the beginning give me shivers.

This one doesn't exactly count, but

from the Final Fantasy: Pray CD is pretty much my favorite version ever.
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On the whole, I think that No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle wasn't all that great as compared to the first game (which I thought was highly enjoyable, flaws and all).

However, I will concede that its soundtrack definitely kept up the pace, for the most part (aside from shitty last boss music).

That being said, I think that Margaret's theme



Kill or be Killed

Are pretty rockin' tracks (to say nothing of the first game's "

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The ending of Legend of Mana. The vocals in the beginning give me shivers.

YEESSSS. After that amazing opening theme, Yoko managed to make it even more breathtaking. Though it would have been better if attached to one of the other storylines... *cough*Geo*cough*

There's a lot of vocals scattered in this game, most of them surprisingly well-performed, even if only used as stings. This one in particular, though, really stuck after I'd finished playing, especially with its placement in the game.

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