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OCR01287 - Fire Emblem "Etude for Piano in F# minor"


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Azureye--I contacted Kevin a while back and got sheet music and a midi of the song. I can't read sheet music all that well, so I can't remember if I kept it or not (computer out of comission right now), but I have the midi on my keyboard. I can upload it for ya soon or you can just contact Kevin and get the sheet music--he's a nice enough guy!

I still haven't learned the whole song either. It's crazy hard to play (for me).

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Hey everyone, this is Oak (fka Kevin Stephens).

I've been receiving a lot of e-mails and regretfully lost almost all of them before responding (yes, I've been lazy on responding.) I went ahead and uploaded the sheets for everyone so that no one will ever have to e-mail for the sheets again and can just grab them online.

There are two things to note, first. They are in a weird file format (.TIF), but Adobe Acrobat should be able to read them. Also, the end of the piece has a C# higher than is playable on a piano. Unless you have perfect pitch, just change that to a C natural. If you do have perfect pitch, you probably have enough theory knowledge to make an adjustment to the piece yourself. =) If not, bitch at me and I'll post a solution to the forums. I believe Patrick made an adjustment for the recording on OCR, so I'll just figure out what that was.

Anyway, enjoy!


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Name change, yeeeeeah! :D
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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01287 - Fire Emblem "Etude for Piano in F# minor"

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