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Chemical Plant Zone


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Well here's my attempt at remixing Sonic 2's Chemical Zone, I normally post a link to the source, but I doubt there's many people here that don't know it.

As this is just the first version it's still rough around the edges (ignore the blip right at the very start), but i'm pretty happy with the arrangement and the general sound of it so far.

So as always any feedback, what you like/don't like about it, what you would change, would be greatly appreciated.


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Fun chord changes. Very fun, in fact. I'm surprised it wasn't written like that before. Jazzy.

The overall soundscape is fairly hollow. I think in future revisions you would do well to fill out the soundscape a little bit more. Loved the little chiptune ditty in the middle, though... awesome.

Listening to this track, it seems to just begs for some vocals to go over it. T-pain style, pop or just smooth vocals, male or female they'd all work, but I'm hearing vocals. It might just be me, but it just seems set up for it. Think about it.

Overall, good concept, but it's certainly one that needs to be fleshed out. Can't wait to hear what you've got in mind.

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I have always enjoyed this song, so I'm excited to listen to your take on it. That blip is silly. Haha.

The Bad:

The lead instrument is a tad flat and uninteresting compared to the grungy feel of the rest of the mix. (0:56 is when it comes in)

At 1:26 - 1:40 I'd make that bass line really punch it hard. It just sounds like the song should almost explode here leading into your chiptune breakdown (sweet, by the way).

The drums are pretty flat and dry. This would be my biggest complaint of the song. Everything else sounds more refined, but the drums aren't cutting it. I think with some proper EQing, compression, and effects you can really make those drums shine. I was, however, pretty happy with the sequencing and variation of rhythm over time.

The Good:

I like the dark color and edgy sound of the instruments and the mood you create in the beginning from 0:00 to 0:41.

"Get Ready". Yes! I think that's a tasteful addition.

1:07 - 1:11 and 1:22 - 1:26 that counter melody is a really nice taste. I'd make it just a tad less prominent.

Dude, that chiptune effect you start at 1:41 is seriously sick. You keep it going all the way through 2:20 . You gotta tell me how you do that!

I think the arrangement is pretty solid, honestly. I enjoyed listening to this very much.

Other Thoughts:

This has some serious potential for some serious damage to eardrums, and by that I mean I like this so much I'm listening to it too damn loud. It's already a part of my permanent library now, but there's a lot you can do to really make this remix stand out and shine. I am excited to hear your next iterations of this mix. In fact, I demand them!

Keep up the great work!

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I agree, this track has some serious potential. That switching of the bass line is funky! And I must say that it has a very swinging hear to it, going so far as to even be able to deliver me chiptunes that I like. Good times!

The start has a nice build-up, though I swear the "Get Ready!" is more pronounced as "Get Ready?", which is a bit of a let down if you ask me. Needs to be more "tough", in line with the rest of the track.

Near the end you put in small pockets of silence of the background instruments; I'm digging that hardcore!

So all in all, yeah, it's a bit hollow, but this can be a good addition to OCR if you manage to create more depth. I'd say go for it :)

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Cool, thanks for the detailed feedback guys very helpful indeed, glad you're all enjoying it so far.

I'll be sure take all of your views to mind when I'm altering the production, so hopefully you'll hear a much improved version 2 in the coming week!

Now for those interested in how I did that chiptune sections, it's basically 3 lofi synths all running though a glitch plug-in that is set to micro-cut up the audio, to make that glitchy, jerky stuttering sound.

Anyway, yeah lookout for updates sometime this week.

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Version 2 Here as Promised:

stats.png (ok technically it's V3, I never posted V2)

I've tried to follow as much of the advice previously given, except for Gario's ideas for vocals, sadly I'm no vocalist, so maybe if i am going to do it in the future it'll have to be a collab with someone.

Again, any and all views are encouraged and welcomed before I work on V4 and/or put this up for Mod Review.


Oh, and terribly sorry, but the blip is gone

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I find myself rocking out hard to this mix. I think I was just punched in the face with some awesome.

The Bad:

I think the drums still sound a little flat and dry. Take this with a grain of salt though; don't saturate them with reverb or anything. A little effects processing will go a loooong way in this mix. This is personal preference, but I think the kick needs just a slight bump in oomph and the hi-hats need a smidge of reverb for sure. The sequencing, however, is good.

I think that's really the only complaint I have.

The Good:

That lead synth has really picked up some death. Good work on that! There's also a trade off between this synth and a slightly different sounding one later on. Edgy. Excellent.

The whole soundscape sounds a little fuller now.

The sweeping pads are a nice effect to achieve the above comment and also add some pizazz to the other parts.

And as usual, that chiptune breakdown section is wicked sick. I envy you for this!

Other thoughts:

Excellent progress between iterations! I think this will pass muster for Mod Review soon!

The blip is gone though....:(

A necessary amputation however. ;)

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The build up there at the beginning is great. I wanna hear the softer sounds pan a little bit tho. Like an automation. That's just me tho. And I'm crazy.

Oh my does it ever get chippy and glitchy in the middle. I am mixed on des point. I like it, but it runs a little long for my taste, or a little heavy. In any event, it breaks the flow of the song for me.

It may just be me, but that 'clap' sound you use at the end has some fizzle on the end of it that I don't really like. In my mind, that sound should be crisp, sharp, and end quickly. I seem to hear the clap in a lot of music that tends to have heavy heavy echo effects. So that sharp sound is kinda a contrast to that. Meh. Might just be me.

And don't mind Gario... He hears a drip of water in the sink and thinks it needs a vocal track with it. :tomatoface:

RIP blip, you will be missed.

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  • 3 weeks later...

It's been a couple of weeks so i Thought i'd come back with Version 4:


Trying to take all the advice given the main changes i've made was giving to kick drum more punch and making the hats less dry, and added a low filtered arpeggiating synth for texture at some points. Bt there have also been more changes to the productions here and there.

I'm changing this to mod review as i'd like to know how close to submission everyone thinks it is.


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You can have one of my finest drunken reviews.

First things first, I am jammin to the track. Just sayin, I love the jazzy feel of this with the intro and new chords. Hasn't changed from the last version.

I'd like to hear that first transition fleshed out a little bit more. It seems a bit abrupt. If you don't wanna flesh it out, I'd say go the other way and make it more abrupt. A 'pause' in there of only a fraction of a second to give it some space could do wonders. Of course, crazy and drunk, so...

Little bit more umph on the snare, but not much. They ALL sound like ghost notes. The clap is good, but need some variation and some beat in the actual snare. IMHO

After the glitch break the song goes right into chords. I think something could be done other than just thickening them to make it more interesting until the melody comes in. Could just be me, but that part right there is a bit simple. Of course it contrasts the rest a bit so take with a grain of salt, that's just my first thoughts.

Tune down the glitch effect at the end of this. I mean. keep it, just less in the mix I think would be good. There are moments of total silence which breaks the flow to me. Honestly it sounds good, but it the total silence is a no for me. Just back off on it a touch, keep the effect, but don't go totally dark and you get the best of both worlds.

hope this helps


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PLEASE let me know when this is finished so I can download it. Such a great track.

Nothing really critical about it can be said from me other than what has been said already, and I apologize in that respect :(

But this track. . . is just awesome. I'm such a sucker for glitchy/chippy stuff like this

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i don't like the fade-in intro, the filter is really heavy and it just sounds muddy. the sfx and drop are great though. :D

this is a pretty awesome housey arrangement, with some cool glitching. I really liked the 'stretchy' part around 2:00. the production is not quite there yet though. just feels a little unprocessed to me... some of your synths feel raw (though generally I liked the sound choices) and that clap is really dry. i thought all of the drum samples were pretty vanilla.

3:05-end wasn't as climactic as I'd like it to be. seemed like some of the earlier sections had more energy going.

i'd give this just a little more time, to collect a few more comments, and continue tweaking the track just a bit. TLC. the arrangment is great, but this would be a close call because of the production.

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Huge fan of the source tune, and I really think you've got some great ideas here, it just lacks a bit of cohesion. The glitchy part in the middle is great (clap sounds great there, but not anywhere else), as are the retro synths, but there seems to be a lot of "glue" missing from the arrangement. Try some builds and transition effects, and pack a bit more punch into those drums.

Get the whole thing sounding as good as the middle bit (production wise) and this'll be great!

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Aight, I definitely agree with halc on the intro, that drags on a bit too long and doesn't really do enough to capture my attention right off the bat.

Thankfully, when this picks up it's a lot more fun. I feel like the clap sound really doesn't fit properly with the rest of the mix. Your kick sound is really thick and beefy though, that's good :-D Helps carry the groove nicely.

Fun breakdown with the glitches, though I think that runs a little long. I'd take all your best glitch effects and trim some of the fat from that section.

I'll second the notion for more of a payoff at the end, it's lacking in intensity, and I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it's because the groove only picks up and really goes for a few bars before it goes back to glitching, so it never gains much momentum. Maybe let that section go on for a little longer and work more on beefing up the supporting instrumentation, too.

Not a bad start, this is a funky groove with a really good sounding beat, keep going with it! :-D

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I am a huge Sonic fan, so start there with my attention. Then enter Chemical Plant Zone, which has already produced at least two remixes on this site that I adore. A completely trippy adaptation with a surprise Kefka appearance, now you're talking my language. I spent time enjoying it, not analyzing it, and I like what I hear. The ending notes seem abrupt which is good, but it seemed a little weak. I would have liked it more as an emphasis to the song, but then again it may be because I was pumped to hear the song the whole time it was on. The song's not heavy, but a little bit harder on the last notes to finish would be my only suggestion.

(On a second listen, it may be that echo on the last note just throwing off my perception.)

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I have been following OCRemix since VotLS and must say that I enjoyed this WIP so much that I actually signed up just to comment and tell you. I really love the progression you're making between versions. Great source tune and great rendition.

My only criticism would involve the beginning (liked the old way better), more bass and/or reverb in the breakdown on the rhythmic parts and the ending. It is too... meh. A fade out might work well in this song, or a subtractive sequence where individual patterns get taken out as you end. Just my thoughts though.

Keep up the good work. I will be very ticked if this doesn't eventually get posted.

Edit: It may be worth mentioning that I am a fan or prog music and am no stranger to compositions lasting over 10 minutes, so take that with a grain of salt as your mix is already nearly 4 minutes long. Some people would already say that that is plenty long for a song.

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