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Songs for the Cure '11 released (Reiki Too!)

Josh Whelchel

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Hey everyone!

Songs for the Cure '11 is HERE!!

Songs for the Cure '11 is an original compilation of music created to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and features some of our favorite musicians, including a HEALTHY SERVING OF OCREMIX MUSICIANS.



Check out all these hotties:

Alexander Brandon (DEUS EX, JAZZ JACKRABBIT 2, UNREAL!?)

Alec Holowka (Aquaria)


A_RIVAL / WaveTheory (OCR, 8-bit pimp, more)

Barry van Oudtshoorn

Battlecake (ocr)

Brandon Strader (ocr)

C418 (Minecraft)

Chris Geehan (Hyperduck)

Craig Stern

Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy + OCR)

Danny Clay

David Saulesco (Eternal Daughter)

Disasterpeace (Rescue Beagles)

djpretzel (duh?)

Fever Pitch

FFMusic DJ (ocr)

George “Android-Music” Dziov (Super Meat Boy remixer)

Inez S. deDeugd-McComas

Inverse Phase (Mr. MAGFest and chiptune hero)

Jamie Jamieson

Jake (VIRT) Kaufman

Jay Tholen

Jennifer Jolley

JH Sounds

Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson (ocr, Mass Effect 2)

Josh Whelchel (me?!)

Joshua Morse (bad dudes + ocr)

Julian Shah-Tayler

Kara Ali


Level 99 (ocr)

Mattias Häggström Gerdt (Anosou / OCR + COBALT)

Michael Tanenbaum

Midnight Prophet

Morgen La Civita

Natalie Draper

Prophetik (ocr)

Poolside (ocr)

Rich Brilli

Robert Keller (Xenon Odyssey)

Sara Celina

Souleye (VVVVVV)

Stemage (Metroid Metal)

Tina Lundelius

Whitaker Blackall

Wilbert Roget, II (OCR, LucasArts)

Okay, get it!

Songs for the Cure

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fyi, Robert Keller is me! I just chose to write an original piece, not do an remix. :)

You're a sham and you know it. You're lucky you got looks, Bobb-ahy. :razz:

All kidding aside, it's an honor to be on this and the list is indeed impressive this year. Can't wait to battle cancer with awesomeness. Please for you to be donating, yes?

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I dropped coins on this, at least enough for the physical CDs, if not more. And since I can't find a better way to express my support, I'll just quote my favorite Spambot:

"That sounds like a fantastic project Keith. Congratulations to all who made it possible and good luck to the schools. The kids will love them."

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