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Super Metroid - Lower Norfair


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- Edit 02

Finished off the song now. Any mod can feel free to change the topic line from "Work in progress" to "Finished". Either way, I'm done and happy with it now. Moving onto something new now.

Listen to the finished remix here!

Download the finished remix here!

- Original Post

Just noticed the other topic before mine about a first timer's remix of Lower Brinstar. Funny isn't it to have me then appear a first timer with Lower Norfair remix. XD

Anyway, I'm not completely new to remixing, though certainly still inexperienced. Music remixing and computer generated song composition has mainly been a hobby for me in the past and sort of has returned to that now. So my music experience is limited, but I'm not ignorant at least (I hope).

This is a song I finished a day or so ago and I think it's pretty fair. Certainly, I wouldn't believe this to be OC Remix quality, so I'm not here to submit it. Mainly, what I'd like are comments on both what's working, what's not, and where I can take the song from here. One main point I'm looking for is that the song doesn't have much in terms of original content (no solos and such alike), and with that being a large focus on the judge's overview here, I'd like to know things to help me get started in looking for good places to add them as well as how to begin conceptualizing them (assuming someone is able to give such advice).

One last note: I find it worth mentioning and crediting those that made any Midi "basis" or part(s) I used in my remixes. No, I didn't just plug in instruments and call it my own, I do at least put some more effort into it beyond that.

All that aside, please do enjoy.

Song: Lower Norfair

Game: Super Metroid

Midi Basis By: Teck

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Just noticed the other topic before mine about a first timer's remix of Lower Brinstar. Funny isn't it to have me then appear a first timer with Lower Norfair remix. XD


Download Here!

I thought that was pretty funny too when I noticed. Nice timing. :P

That download link is broken. You didn't include the http:// part. I fixed it in the quote here.

Interesting tune. I'm not too familiar with the Metroid soundtracks, (I just looked because of that little coincidence with your timing :P) but that doesn't mean it doesn't sound cool. ^^ I personally think the choir doesn't sound right for the rest of the song, nor the hypersaw, but otherwise it sounds pretty neat.

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Welcome to OCR, newb. :<

Alright, certainly not a bad first mix post, here. There's a good deal to like in this (some synthwork, solid drum sound) as well as things you need to work on (other synthwork, production). Let's break it down.

I like a lot of your synths, personally - the synths that seem to be active with the modulation & processor effects, in particular. They keep me wanting more. The synths that are raw saw (or otherwise plain) don't work too well, in this context, and they're used so often as the main lead that they're impossible to escape. While the other elements are relatively well balanced, you bring that saw out to the front so hard it causes clipping like crazy.

The drum is fairly solid, but it's a pretty boring four-to-the-floor beat, there. While there's nothing wrong with that style, it just won't work on the entire track like you have it (especially if you don't have any hats to fill it out better).

The arrangement is pretty simple and conservative. Not a bad thing if you're not shooting for an OCR posting (which you're not), but too conservative is a problem if you're looking to be posted. It's something to think about, if you plan on being posted.

I like the conservative nature of this one personally, though.

Overall I hear a potentially good mix out of this (although never postable, due to arrangement issues). Very nice - be sure to fix up those bad leads and hot mixing sections, and you'll have a pretty rockin' mix.

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I'm less bothered by the fakey choir samples than with the disparity between the background and the lead. Whent he lead comes in, it's like it's just copy-pasted into a picture with no regard to brightness, contrast, or color, to use a visual metaphor. it's probably just a matter of volume and frequency balance, give the other tracks some highs, drop the volume of the lead a bit and you should be fine.

I like the drums, but as it's been said, they're pretty repetitive. Consider filtering highs or lows out of them, writing some additional percussion elements, chopping the loop up, and stuff like that for variation.

btw, don't focus so much on original content as on different ways of using the source melodies. I started out making midi rips and then trying to pull them into ocr-level interpretative arrangements, and I learned that it's much easier to start from some new way of using a part of the source and build from there, and if necessary pull it closer to source. Sometimes I start from something original and end up turning it into a remix. Original content is cool, but a track can be both too conservative and not have enough source, both too liberal and not interpretive enough.

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Finally made an updated version.

Adjusted some of the sound levels and the song structure minimally, added an original arrangement around the mid-area of the song, and other minor changes.

You'll find the links to the new version here and in the first post. Please have a listen and tell me if things are working any better.

Listen to the new version here!

Download the new version here!

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This is fantastic! Around 0:58 when the beat kicks back in, it seems that the chorus seems to get lagged behind. Maybe it's just me, but I would increase the attack time just a bit. Otherwise the chorus works perfect!

Ahh I love this norfair/magoor caverns (prime fans) theme!

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I like this mix a lot, largely because this mix could pass as a legitimate Metroid song (at least atmospherically). Your choice of instruments was well played in my book. Maybe boosting the chorus (Lower Norfair Theme) a tiny bit could enhance the song in the beginning. Other than that, good luck.

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Ah, more good feed back. Thanks for those that commented and enjoyed it.

To Nonamar, yes, I did try and make it an in-game kind of sound/atmosphere. Since I spend most of my time designing my own games, I attempt to make remixes resembling game music over album tracks (if that point makes any sense XD). Either way, thank you for the nice comment (as to the rest of you too).

Listening back on the original segment added in, it really doesn't sound that good. I'll attempt to either fix it up or simply screw it and either take it out completely or replace it (I'm not heading for an OC submission, so as long as it bothers no one, no harm in taking it out if I chose to). Other then that, I believe too the chorus theme should be boosted.

One more attempt and I think I'll finally be done with this (hopefully, or at least in my mind).

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