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Worst game sequel

south pacific islander

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Oh, god, that game made me want to tear my hair out. And it was the first Bubsy title I had ever played...I can't play the first two now because of it.

I guess that I am not missing anything.

Mega Man X5-8 were terrible compared to the first 4, but I think Mega Man X6 holds the title for the worst of the series, followed closely by X7. I did like Command Mission though.


I liked Sonic Adventure, especially the Sonic stages, but Adventure 2 was extremely bad.

I liked some aspects of SA2, such as the more serious tone that it had, but it was full of this:

Sonic: [vocal airplane noises and pointless shoe grinding]

Tails: a fucking cockpit with legs to make up for Gamma.

Knuckles: Ayo, it's ya boy Knuckles, and we're here @ Wild Canyon! Rouge stole my emeralds, bout ta git dat bitch! Finna kick some rocks in the air and start throwing them and shit! You know how the fuck we do, gangsta pimpin!

Shadow: a random hedgehog with jet skates that he stole from JSRF while he was warping through time and space. He has problems with hallucinations that involve government conspiracies and child murder.

Rouge: voluptuousness and


Eggman: a 300 IQ genius who wastes his time fighting rodents and canines with the legged cockpit he built out of boredom and low funds.

At first the two sides fight each other, but then, in order to save the world as Maria had requested, they all team up to fight a powerful giant synthetic lizard. The End.

Sonic Adventure was like, good and bad. The good thing was their innovation and creativity. The bad thing was their excessive, unnecessary ideas as well as their laziness. Adventure Fields gave many of its players a headache, annoying stages stole the attention of the better ones, and the ending... MY GOD, the ending! Even my fiancee looked at the screen with great disgust at the ending. To top that, you can't be Super Sonic at any other part of the game.

LoZ: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks both! I loved WindWaker, but the two subsequent games were some of the biggest piles of crap I have ever laid my hands on. I think the controls were the worst...ugh.
I liked Windwaker, but it pales in comparison to the other Zelda series.
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As I said earlier, X7 is about as bad as Mega Man gets. It's terrible in every aspect, except maybe some songs.

Mega Man X6 was rushed as all hell and sucked big dick; but its soundtrack was at least solid. Doesn't make up for its horrid level design, though (fight the same donut dragon 6 times in a row and call it a level). X5 wasn't as good as X4, but it still held up well and was a decent way to end things. And thennnnn we get the shit afterward. X8 gets some more love for being "a return to form", but I think ANYTHING coming after X7 is going to be praised just because of how fucking awful X7 was.

I pretty much agree with all of this. Though I thought X8 was a good game on its own.

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Dudes, SA2 was amazing. Seriously, what about it put you guys off? It had speed, and grinding, and chaos... just like a rave. Everybody likes raves, especially ones with glowsticks and SA2 had those too! Remember those thingies you collected for your chao? Ehhh?

You guys hate raves :o

EDIT: You guys know you could take your chao to school, right? And force him to race and fight in martial arts tournaments? But really my proudest moment was when my little boy drew a picture in art class of himself and me holding hands... *sniff* It was perfect.

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Yeah, remember that epic goal that you were pursuing the entire game in DA1?

OK, let's scrap that for DA2. Instead it would be a good idea to have three sub-events and never really let the player know what he/she's fighting for besides whatever civil rights issue happens to be at the boiling point within prison- I mean, Kirkwall. So what I did in DA2 was this:

Spoiler.. but only the first point. The other two are vague enough to not be spoilers

1. Get rich

2. Impersonate Batman

3. Make everyone kiss my feat

and I guess 4. Save a city (not a country)

In that order.

What I did in DA1 was this:

1. Save a whole damned country

2. Prevent a misguided patriot/war hero from starting a massive war on two fronts

3. Develop a personalized hero (who never spoke which allowed me to consider him my spiritual self within the game)

Oh, and I killed like 3 dragons and the creature that created a Golem army.

So basically DA1 is like every James Bond movie that isn't Quantum of Solace and DA2 is like Quantum of Solace.

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Dudes, SA2 was amazing.

I love that game, actually. In fact, it's one of my favorites, but it has some cheese that the dark, dramatic tones can't drown out.

Edit: that game is fucking awesome. I still stand by the above post though; it has a lil' cheese.

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As for worst sequel? Xenosaga Episode 2. It took a concept that was already struggling to be enjoyable and made it even more incomprehensible, slow, and short.

With some torturous music, amateurishly directed cutscenes, retconned character personalities, painful voice acting, and vastly inferior gameplay. Oh, right... vastly inferior "quest mode".

But as bad as all that is, one could almost look past it as a studio shitting over their prior work just to turn a sequel and milk it for cash. Almost, that is, until they took the best thing they had going - a kickass anime gynoid - and not only relegated it to the background but sent it plummeting to the uncanny valley.

This is Japan we're talking about. JAPAN. Robots and anime chicks is what they do.

How do you fuck that up?

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Guest Chibi_Ma
I really liked FFX-2 actually.

But I can see how people could hate it.. It's really different, especially the whole arcade feel, trying to get 100% completion in each area.

It was just a disappointment, in that the sequel wasn't necessary imo and the how the game paced/felt was off and awkward.

I did enjoy some of the music and the dresspheres but other than that I kind of wish it was never made.

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