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Bio Force Ape unreleased NES game finally available

Level 99

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One of the most sought-after and legendary unreleased games for the NES, Bio Force Ape, was found last year, nearly 18 years after its cancellation. The game, which has been previously hoaxed, was recently dumped and finally released for play. Furthermore, I honestly can't get enough of the music for it! It is super catchy.

You can read all about the game, get the dump, and watch a complete playthrough here:


Edit: Jamie uploaded the rom for use over at Virtualnes.com. You can now play it in your browser RIGHT HERE!

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What's the prerequisite then or could it be any game that is in any stage of development?
I'm sure you'd need to talk to either the Judges or DjP on a case-by-case basis, here.

It is definitely case-by-case. I just asked Larry, he says that if it is an unreleased game, the music has to a) be proven to be in the game data and B) be a game of notability.

If anyone is going to make a remix then you guys are in luck. A user named Gil-Galad in a diffrent forum made an NSF rip already.



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