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OCR01308 - Final Fantasy VI "A Nightmare Before Kefka"


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Pretty rockin stuff, it does have a distinct Elfman style, and I think the constant changeups were good, and require a more active listening role. I do think a little more additional repetition of the themes to help solidify them would have been nice, but I certainly won't turn my nose up at this track. I really enjoyed the percussion and the overall feel of the track. The wild west transition was really well done, and felt very natural.

It seems like Zircon has moved on a bit from the site, but I'm really glad he made so many great tracks while he was here.

Recommended, check this one out. :-)

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Well I just finished downloading all of zircon's remixes yesterday as I realised I only had about half of them, so am working my way through them today. This one jumped out at me as being something a bit different, so I came to see if anyone else had noticed the MASSIVE reference to Edvard Grieg's In The Hall of the Mountain King (for other UK citizens - the "Alton Towers" music :wink:). Apparently no-one has commented on that in nearly 6 years so I'll throw it out there. Was this in the back of your mind, zircon, as well as the Elfman influence? I haven't heard the source, so maybe it's already influenced by Grieg and you just took the source as it was, but certainly the building intro's similarity is uncanny!

Totally love it though, it's such a complex piece and yet executed so well. I'm sure I'll be listening to this for years and still finding new things hidden within its rich textures.

Also... that comment by mrjag must be one of the best reviews on this whole site!

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