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Dances Done to VGM

Harmonious Dissonance

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Thought some of you might be interested in this. It's a Contemporary Ballet piece I participated in that was set to "Aphrodite Oceanus" by The Wingless. Comments/Questions/Critques would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that, wouldn't mind if any of you who have seen dances done to Video Game Music would post links to any site that has them.

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interesting. both that it exist and that you found it even though it doesn't even credit the song at all

I was in it, and there wasn't really any option to credit it.. It was uploaded by one of the other dancers, and I doubt she would listen to my request to add in the credit. Although I do make sure to mention the name of the song and artist any time I share the video or tell others about the dance.

Also, at competitions you get to do the name of the dance and nothing else. No artist allowed.

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