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Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos - History

k u n g f u c h i c k e n

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In order from 1 to 15:

Ross KMet - Nautic Lava 2

Ichitootah - S3K Sessions

Snappleman - Doomsday

Gamebox - Ice Cap 4 Life (WIP)

Gamebox - Frozen Lavareef (WIP)

Krispy & Joker - Unseenbeta (demo)

Kanjika - Hydrochill (WIP)

Rayza - Azure Lake (WIP)

Sir Nuts - The Unseen Wonders (demo)

DarkeSword - Sand Café (WIP)

Kanjika - Credits (demo)


Xenon Odyssey - Lava Passion (final)

Akumajobelmont - Water on the Dancefloor (WIP)

Sora Kitsune KO - New Beginnings (demo)

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While you wait for Snappleman's response to that question, heres something to chew on:

Besides the track list on the special disk cover (since the wip tracks haven't been selected yet, ofc), I think my album art set is pretty much complete. The whole thing totals into 11 seperate files for the entire set! 8O , but I guess thats just what you get for a 3-disk, 2-case album. This will (hopefully) be my final update so any nitpicking is welcome! I'd also just like to make sure I've labeled everything correctly and I'm not missing/forgetting anything.

Main Album


Special Album


CD Labels

All 3 Disks (final version each disk will be in it's own file).

The small lines in the corners indicate bleed edges, so the edges won't actually extend out that far once you cut it to fit into the case.

Also, Theres a few more things I was wondering about:

1. I was thinking of releasing these in PDF format with embedded fonts since I did these entirely in Illustrator. Like JPG format, pretty much anyone knows how to open them up and print them, they are roughly the same file size as the 300dpi jpgs are, they can be printed out at any dpi (though raster effects are locked at 300dpi), and unlike JPG format they are entirely non-lossy.

The one thing I think I'd have export to JPG, though, would be the disk labels so that they can be used with the various types of CD labeling software people have.

So, would PDFs be acceptable or do you just want everything in 300dpi JPGs?

2. Am I also going to need to create a booklet for the album? If so, what information do I put in there?

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Maybe it's just me, but the inside parts with the character silhouettes look like they should have a brushed steel finish. I hadn't commented before because I assumed that's what you were going for.

That is all, excellent work so far; eagerly awaiting this project with ongoing anticipation.

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Okay, Spire, you've outdone yourself! I love the album art, it wins on many levels. Just be sure to keep the projects open because there might be a track title change or two, you never know.

Also, about the demo tracks, while I apreciate the vote for Doomsday, I'd prefer if people didn't consider my demo for the album. I already have 5 songs on this thing, someone else should have that spot.

Right now I'm looking at using only about 5 songs from the teaser site. I've already decided on using Kanjika's Lost In The Desert and Xenon's Lava Passion. So please vote for 5 tracks that are not those three that I've already decided the fate of.

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Xenon's Lava Passion.


Even though the sax sounds like ass.

Hey Xenon, I'm still hosting your remix on my webspace, do you still need that or can I delete it?

You can delete it, as Larry gave me some criticism on it since he said it wouldn't pass the panel. And I'm sick of it so I'm not going to mess with it anymore.

Oh, and Snapple, you can take the "(Final)" off of the name and just call it "Lava Passion" (I did so many version that I just called the filename that).

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I've been listening to the music on the teaser site for awhile now, and the best tracks, imo, are the following-

1. Lava Passion (Final)

2. New Beginnings

3. Water in the Dancefloor

4. Frozen Lavareef (Is it just me or does that sound like Perfect Dark Zero?)

5. A tie between Doomsday and Icecap 4 Life, I can't decide, between the two, which one I think is better.

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Here's my top five, excluding SnappleMan's Doomsday and Xenon's Lava Passion. (Both of which would have been in my top five, by the way.)

08: Rayza - Azure Lake

01: Ross Kmet - Nautic Lava

11: Kanjika - Credits

04: Gamebox - Ice Cap 4 Life

14: Akumajobelmont - Water On The Dancefloor

Spire: I would release both the PDF and JPG versions (maybe even a PNG release as well). I've had trouble in the past with PDF CD labels printing at the right size and alignment, so a JPG release would just be easier for me. That being said, if you choose to release it as a PDF, I'd just simply convert them myself so I could open them up in my labeling software.

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Besides said remixes, my choices are:

Ross Kmet - nautic lava

Ichitootah - s3k sessions

Hadyn - Heads Up For Tails

Akumajobelmont - Water On The Dancefloor

GaMeBoX - Frozen Lavareef

My apologies to Rexy for mislabeling your track. Consider it fixed!

Missing Frame- Seems like a bit much to release it all in different formats like that though. I think It might be best to release only the CD labels in JPG format and everything else as PDFs, how does that sound?

Squishymon- You're right, I was kind of going for that steel/chrome look but I've since changed my mind. Unfortunatly, It just didn't seem to be matching very well with the front covers.

[Edit: Revised my vote to include Hadyns mix]

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Vote revised due to additional song selection, moved to new post.

Missing Frame- Seems like a bit much to release it all in different formats like that though. I think It might be best to release only the CD labels in JPG format and everything else as PDFs, how does that sound?

PNG is better than JPG. do a PDF + PNG release.

PDF only makes sense to me for the CD covers, but you could make a single PDF containing everything, and then just make PNG copies of each item available as well.

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Okay, maybe this is asking too much, but a while ago I submitted a WIP of the Boss 2 track that was essentially rejected for the actual project...would it be possible to put it in the "bonus tracks" section of the website, or even include it in the voting?

(BTW, I also think that Snapple's Doomsday should be on there...at least make it available for download.)

EDIT: I'm listening to all of the tracks on the PC website...I'll be submitting my vote soon.

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Sir Nuts - Run for your life knuckles

Didn't Sir Nuts have a remix for Sonic 2 called "Run For Your Life Sonic!"?

Actually, it covered the same theme he covered there (S3&K boss 2), hence the light variation in the title. I actually quite liked that, though I want to poop in k-wix's mouth thinking that it had wrong notes all over the place. :P (no offence, just needed to point that out)

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