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Turntable.fm - OverClocked ReMix Room - Come and DJ!


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DS EDIT: OCR's official room that we pimp out on Twitter and Facebook is http://turntable.fm/ocremix.

Ok, so Drewgourley introduced me to turntable.fm today, which is a site where you can listen to music in different "rooms". You can join an existing room or create your own, and listen to music people put on in said room, or DJ, which means you control what is played in that room. You can do this by either uploading something from your computer or choosing from turntables extensive library of music.

Now, Drewgourley made an OC Remix room here: http://turntable.fm/overclocked_remix.

How to join: if you have a facebook account, and are friends with someone on facebook who uses turntable.fm - in this case, me, Brandon Strader and Drew Gourley, you can join the site, no sign up required. If anyone wants to join up who isn't a friend of either of us, just add me as a friend on facebook, which is linked from my profile, I'll add you.

We've been messing around with it, and we could use this site to help put ocrs musics out there for more people to hear. So come along, DJ, promote yours and others OC Remix music, and kick some ass.

One last thing - its better not to use Safari 3, I tried it and got no sound from the site on that browser, Firefox was a-ok tho.

See you there! WillRock.

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This is a fun experience. It's the logical evolution of an all-requests radio show. :grin:

That's a very good way to put it! ^.^

If you boot people for playing songs you don't like, it's gonna be empty. :-P

But you were only booted because you dedicated it to Will, the mod. And he didn't like it. And you were warned. Multiple times.

Also, there was much laughter after you left. Seriously, if I'm mod and I have to boot someone, I'm gonna preface it with GOODBYE MR. BOND. *kick*

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