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Capa Langley

Appreciation of VG Music 9: Summer

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Theme #9: It's that time of the year. Summer!

What is needed:

  • Link a stream or youtube video of your favorite original track that must correspond with the current theme. Not limited to just one.
  • Explain why you like the specific track. Don't just say you like it.
  • Some favorites will often be shared between more than one persons. This means someone else will likely post a track which you like. So instead post your 2nd favorite or so forth. No duplicates. The idea here is to spread as much different tracks as possible.
  • Or, you can post a track you've never really listened to before and write why it should be enjoyed.
  • Participation is key.

Previous sessions:

1. Battle Music

2. Game Boy

3. Vocals

4. Scary Theme

5. Sad Theme

6. Live Instruments

7. Guitars

8. Character Theme

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This theme set the tone for the season as you shifted from fresh Spring to the scorching and sweaty Summer days in the farming sim. I like this theme cause it just feels so summery. Gotta love that catchy part at 0:40.

A great track from a decidedly 'summer-y' game, Super Mario Sunshine. This is the theme that plays in the Noki Bay area, and I've always thought it was a p cool theme. The airy vocal/synthy tones remind me of seashells, which is appropriate at the Noki are basically walking talking shellfish. The percussion is really good too. This is def one of my faves from the soundtrack.

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I've got a few tunes.

Seasons are pretty irrelevant in jungles, but this song has always had an upbeat, summery vibe to it for me. Jungle Falls from Toki Tori:

This one is self explanatory, from Harvest Moon 64. Its a really fun, upbeat groove:

And actually, that last one is reminding me of music from Diddy Kong Racing, which had some awesome summery tunes! I pretty much love this whole soundtrack, it stood out to me when I was a kid playing it. It's all so upbeat and fantastic, I'd link it all if I could but some of them are for winter levels which just wont do. But here are a few:

Crescent Island (personal favourite):

Whale Bay:

Ancient Lake:

Fossil Canyon:


Gelato Beach :)

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SNES saxophone and dancing beats! Ignore the name, the song is actually called The Island of Everlasting Summer.


CPS2 tune with steel drums, saw leads, distortion rhythm guitar and choir synths. Just the way I like it.

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I can't say I'm a keen fan of summer due to past experiences with the beach, but I do have a few contributions to share.

Coco's Jetski levels tend to offer a little less melody than expected (outside of probably the marimba and steel drum parts) but it speaks itself more with its adventurous soundscape approach. You can see how it fits so well against a backdrop of an ocean expense, tropical islands, and the occasional pirate fleet.

Katamari Damacy - "Katamaritaino"

I always really liked this one from the Katamari score. It tends to offer a laid-back-Cuban-atmosphere-at-night approach, which similarly is reflected once you translate the original Japanese lyrics. It even works calmly well outside of the game's context, and thus can stand strong in the real world as something to hear when casually strolling in some South/Latin American town during the evenings.

Heard in Altamira, the theme seems to capture its multi-purpose-resort feel, making it appropriate to sense during the day when on the beach and using the funfair as well as at night when seeing the theater and casino. It's literally the city that should never sleep, and the backing music indeed give it justice (although not enough for the Tales album 2 years ago; oh well).

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