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Keeping my music free on Bandcamp is becoming difficult due to the cost of renewing download credits. Please use the links below.





Huge thanks to Kyle Crouse for hosting this for me.


This EP is a tribute to Metroid’s first 25 years, and also the memory of Chris Powell, aka Avien. The track “Avien” is dedicated to him, and I’m grateful to see it got posted on the site. A higher quality version is available for download, as well as the “Outro” to Avien which I did not include in my ocr submission. It's a bit late, but happy 25th to a great franchise and some of the best music in gaming.


1. Space Dive (Metroid Theme)

2. Ethereal (Phendrana Drifts)

3. Orpheon (Underwater Frigate)

4. Avien (Maridia)

5. Avien II (Outro)

6. Alone in the Universe (Other M)

Runtime: 24:39



Album art is by my good friend Mike. Check out his visual effects lab at:


The morph ball imagery is originally by *torokun on deviant art. His sketch can be found here:



I have more IDM, ambient and soundtrack style Metroid planned in the months to come, including a more ambient remix of Phendrana that's hopefully truer to the original. Another EP or full album may drop sometime in the next year but I cannot provide any guarantees. My top priority for now is Majora’s Mask. Expect something December 2012.

Thanks for listening!


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Awesome album man, I've had this EP and various WIPs for it on loop pretty much non-stop over the last week as it's gone through development. I'm really impressed with how quickly this came together, considering the quality.

On another note, I'm really glad to see ambient/IDM making a bit more of a splash on OCR largely thanks to your contributions to various projects and albums. Can't wait until you're able to release more of the songs you've been working on; Theo's got an absolutely killer body of work that won't be heard until the release of various OCR projects, but this should give you a damn sweet taste of what's to come :-)

Happy 25th, Metroid!

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Thanks for checking this out guys and keeping the thread alive!!

Anders, let me know what you think... :)

Well, let me put it this way... I've already listened to all the songs about 10 times over. :) Here are some of my, now, top remixes of all time, especially Alone in the Universe and Ethereal.

Really great work here, Jason. :)

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Unfortunately I'm unable to keep my album free on Bandcamp--but I've updated the page with links to mediafire, megaupload, and a torrent which may or may not work. I've never created a torrent before, so any help or trackers you recommend would be appreciated.

EDIT: I can't get a torrent to work so I'm going to stick with download links.

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