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Super Dodge Ball: Around the World - History

Murmeli Walan

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Murmeli Walan: You can add Floaf as an collab partner on my Shadow Theme remix. He will join in on that to, as he puts it destroy it a little bit :wink: ...

Well I'm really glad that he wanted to tag along on this one.

Hopefully it will include Robbie's (AkumaJobelmont) Cousin on vocals too..

Take care dudes and dudettes!!!

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I'll claim one of the bonus tracks. I don't really feel like taking on a full track to remix at this point (they're really long), so how about a fun little mix of Match Start?

WIP here. I spent about an hour on it last night.

Hey.. It's sounds really good man.. !!

Nice edition to this project me thinks ..

Nothing wrong with the length either.. the synth that plays the melody are a bit high (drowns the other instruments somewhat) Other than that .. great work.

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i'd def be interested

i'd like to do track 19 on my nsf file, i couldnt get the rar to open (i'm using a mac)

if it's definately different from what's on yours i'll upload an mp3 of it and you can tell me which one it is

Ok, track 19 on your nsf is the Team Shadow theme, minus the intro. I actually had that on my nsfe, but removed it because...well, I like the intro.

I'll add your name, as well as everyone else who's signed up for tracks in the last couple days.

This is what I want to see, people. Let's get this show on the road! :)

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if someone else is doing team shadow i can do a different one

just to try to fill the whole thing out


This is the link to our WIPthread of the Shadow Theme. listen if you want ! Need some feedback on it.

New Update will be up soon (when Floaf has done some work on it) On the version that is there now is only my work..

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Hate to double post, but here's my first WIP for the England Team's theme.


Any feedback or comments would be nice seeing as how this is in the WIP forum anyhoo.

Sounds quite good..

The drums are somewhat weak, especially the bassdrum.

when the melody comes in it sounds very empty..

but this is an WIP so I imagine you will add things later on..

Maybe find a way to get the bass to flow better with it self.. but It's all up to you.. nice work so far..

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