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OCR01350 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Memories Frozen in Time"

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I really like the mellow feel to this - gets me to just drift off mentally and enjoy the piece on a whole other level.

I'm not sure if it's due to the source or arrangement (most likely both) but I found myself humming little phrases from the melody and bassline as I was walking from class to class yesterday. Also, I just find the structure of the song helps with the flow of pictures in my head - in short, this would have a really touching music video if there was one.

I found this after looking for Hip-Hop on the site and to find one of this quality is pretty damn cool and satisfying. The break/switch-up at about 2:38 came a touch too suddenly for me but once I got over that, it sounds beautiful and keeps things fresh.

The lyrical content is inspirational, I find that whether it's relational or not is secondary to being able to provide the listener with a window into the rapper's world, which was done really well. Without rambling on for too long, this had me thinking about quite a lot of things - some superficial, others personal. Thanks.

The ending with the distorted vocal clips just gets me every time I listen to this, just adds a nice aesthetic to it that I like.

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I just went through all 11 pages to see if I'd left a comment for this track; I could have sword I had, but I guess not.

I really dig this track. I'm not really into the gangsta-rap side of hip hop, but this on the other hand, I can listen to this stuff on repeat for a while. The lyrics are inspiring (and I thought they were well written/performed/recorded), and the groove is soothing. Excellent work, guys!

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