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Who the hell is this random person who won the cd and why didn't I win!? YOU PROMISED I WAS GONNA WIN!


<Arek> hahah

<Arek> OK

<Arek> here it comes...

<Cyan_Ide> OWNED

<Arek> WTF


<Arek> random ass person

<Cyan_Ide> WHAT?!

<Arek> ya, we lost

<Arek> who the hell is dabeen?

<Cyan_Ide> dabeen?!

<Cyan_Ide> ARGH

<Arek> who is dabeen?

<Cyan_Ide> Aww, I just heard it. This transcend retardedness.

<Cyan_Ide> *transcends

<Cyan_Ide> Random people SUCK!


>: | times ten

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...Oh wait she was joking...:P

Anyhoo, IT'S DOWNLOADING TIME!I'm just going to listen to it tomorrow in my TIC (Tecnologias de Informatica e Comunicação= Comunication and informatics technology= Computer class)while doing those stupid Excel worksheets... Stupid ass excel... At least our teacher lets us listen to MP3's while we do it... And we listen to them... OR SO SHE THINKS!!

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Good Show...

oh, and I know Myth is Sri Lankan, but that doesn't matter, his rap style is awesome, it's like anti-gangsta intelligent rhymes that actually have meaning... but he will always be white, no matter what he does, except for the fact that now he reminds me of Lando from star wars... oh well, a white lando... it could work.

oh And Pixi... you will always be the Gangsta Grrl... that will never change. Ever.

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Ha, well...I guess we need to keep pixie around to pronounce japanese names for the show, eh?

Well..I guess you're unbanned.

You're just lucky Rayza and Aurora can't understand japanese phoenetics.

edit: oh right, the show. Good stuff. I was also rooting for the KI mix, 'cause..it's an awesome piano mix and..yeah. Except the part where pixie talked about phlegm. Just..uh..yeah. No.

And..was..that..really pixie in the calls? Poor girl.

Lamest. Stinger. Ever.

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Ok, so i listened to it and got back from school and I have one thing to say:


Remember the part about a guy who said nice job white boys in the Da Black Market recent reviews?! ME! YAY!

Man, i actually thought Myth was white... Does a good job at sounding like it! I'm sorry... :(

Anyhoo, I liked having Pixie back because i started listening to VGDJ when she was on so even though Aurora is the real host along with Rayza, Pixie will always be my roots to VGDJ!

And also... Gothic, eerie dark sex Pixie? WTF are you into?! And also i didn't recognize you as the cameo in Black Market, and i was actually wondering who did that the first time i listened to it...

"How ya livin big Myth?" LOLZ.

And those "extra" sounds are LOLZ too.

Also i liked the description of how The Revolver Project made The Mother is in Control, because it was detailed and i loved the ReMix.

Great Show once again! Now close your eyes and count to a million!!:D

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For me to stalk pixie would be very difficult, even if i wanted to Arek! I'd just have to fly over the atlantic. Pixie's no supershining rockstar and not even those guys deserve that kind of attention hehe...

(You took off your Soma sig?! SHAME ON YOU!)

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