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OCR02303 - Mega Man 9 "Cement Extacy"


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Great way to start of the album. I was really excited to see Flexstyle participating in the album. Since he's one of my favorite electronic artist on this website (maybe evar) I knew I'd like this before I even heard it.

The song works for this genre. It's a little short, but it gets the job done, and again, starts off the album in an excellent way. Can't say anything bad about it really. I love it.

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If any tracks were to be auto-posted as a result of the Concrete Man EP, I'm glad it was Flexstyle's. He's certainly been coming a long way since his PRC participation back when I was hosting it, and his contributions towards the site have shown his progression a great deal.

Course, given that it was merely made over a couple of days does indeed show the mix's more conservative nature, but he managed to make up for it with a hugely polished production package that has been really catered strongly on that field. It's a safe direction, but it's one that managed to come up strongly as one of the best tracks on the album sheerly due to all the attention paid towards all the attention paid towards the genre adaptation.

Be sure to keep contributing to the site Flexstyle; I am proud of your progression :)

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Yes! Now this is my type of dance/trance! For a ReMix that was done in four hours, I'm impressed as all hell that such a great tune could be made in such a short time. The beats hit hard and the both the source theme and the trance style are really well represented. I just wish it was a tad longer, but considering what you managed to fill in a two and a half minute ReMix, that's just the trance lover in me talking. Fantastic stuff.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02303 - Mega Man 9 "Cement Extacy"

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