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OCR02320 - Deflektor "Cover Your Light"


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The intro (as well as the breakdown later on) with the pinball/arcade/mall background noise is a very neat idea, and the the bassline coming in a few moments later is great.

Have to say that most of the singing actually sounds more 90s than 80s to me, with the exception of the chorus which is all 80s, though that is also due to the awesome guitar work.

Solo starting around 3:10 is badass, too.

Catchy as all hell. More, please.

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I still remember when this was posted. Never commented on it. ;) If I had at the time it probably would have been brushed off as jealously or some shit. But yeah, daaaamn this song was not good. Between the mono rhythm guitar, which puts the bass up front.. the totally cacophony intro, and the egregious timing throughout the song... so, so bad. But the vocal work and leveling / panning was pretty great.

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I just realized that I, too, haven't commented on this thread. I'm the vocalist / primary arranger of that ReMix and I never properly thanked you guys for the great feedback, the positive and the negative. :)

The other band members and I read every comment and took the criticism seriously. I agree with most of the issues Brandon raised. Six years later, there's a whole lot of stuff we'd be doing differently, especially production-wise. Even though we were still learning the ropes (and still are!), we had a ton of fun arranging this song. Even though Deflektor was (to this day) our only ReMix as a band, I'll hope to have more stuff for you soon.

So: Thanks guys, we/I really appreciate it. :)


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02320 - Deflektor "Cover Your Light"

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