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NEW OCR Shirt Designs! VOTE!


Will you buy the shirts?  

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  1. 1. Will you buy the shirts?

    • I would buy the OverClocked university shirt.
    • I would buy the Instruments shirt.
    • I would buy both shirts.
    • I would buy neither shirt.

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I'll probably wind up buying both just to support the site, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of either design.

Parodies of university shirts are painfully cliché at this point. I totally agree with Jillian's comment on page 1. Doesn't do much to spread the word. Just feels like an in-joke (not to say that I wouldn't buy a Nice Work Guy coffee mug or a $350 Hat, provided it was actually cheaper than $350.)

The instrument one is better about spreading the word, but the design feels... uninspired.

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I said this in staff chat, but I'll throw this out there publicly as well:

The university design isn't my favorite, because even though it's tongue-in-cheek, most people wouldn't know that. I don't think it serves a practical purpose... Instead of spreading the word about OCR and what we do, it just winds up feeling like an in-joke. I'd rather wear something that actually promotes the community and feels 'inviting' to outsiders. Why would we want people to mistake OCR for some preppy college?

Anywho, another thought I wanted to throw out there... Maybe it would be cool to have a version with the original OCR logo on the front, and the instruments on the back? ^-^

This is a pretty good argument. I like the aesthetics of the university shirt better but yeah, it could just be written off as another ironic t-shirt. A possible counterpoint to Jillian's (what happened to PixieTricks?) argument is that the shirt still prominently displays OCR's great logo, which has drawn a lot of interest from my OCR schwag over the years. Pound for pound, I think I would buy them both. That way I would have bought all the various OCR shirts that were available through the years. :pretzel:

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If you're ever open to suggestions, here's my 2 cents:


Gotta say that I like the suggestion avaris and Dj Mokram have gone with for the University shirt.
Very nice!
Well played.
The revised designs are much more appealing.
I like.
Ok I want to change my vote to both of these.
Same here!
Muuuuuch better designs now. I'd buy both.
Can I vote for these two instead? I like them both a lot better.
Mokram wins. I vote for the revised two.
The revised black one is excellent.
yup, I agree--I like the revised versions of BOTH shirts better than the originals. Nice one, mokram.
Ditto 10char
Another vote for DJ Mokram's revisions. Excellent editing!
Dropping by with my thumbs-up for Mokram's mockups.
I do like Mokram's black tee design
I really love Dj Mokram's t-shirts! I'd buy BOTH! :D
I just saw DJM's edited shirts. I like those too.

So, out of curiosity (again), did this outpour of positive feedback had an impact on the final design? ;-)

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