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Tribes: Ascend megathread

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So I've gotten myself into the beta for this game:


it is a new tribes game! unfortunately they went the way of F2P with microtransactions, but at least after long amounts of playing you WILL be able to unlock everything. I currently have the heavy with the juggernaut loadout unlocked and am mortar spamming the shit out of everything. It really has the feel of Tribes, even though the skiing was like how it was in Tribes: Vengeance [blargh] and there are some things missing. I hope they add in things like the plasma cannon and the blaster, and that awesome bomber that was in tribes 2 :3

I gave my extra beta key to a friend already, but if anyone else here is playing and has extra keys, it'd be great if you could share them so other OCR dudes can get in on this game. It's immensely fun and I am a huge Tribes fan, having played since the 1st game and it's one of the only games I'm actually really good at :o

Anyone else playing this?

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so this is in open beta now. that means all y'all can play.

i've played it a bit and unlocked a few classes (sentinel, infiltrator, technician) but it seems like there's some pretty huge balancing issues. some weapons are just stupidly overpowered (that god damn grenade launcher raiders get for one). and when you're just starting out everything is a huge uphill battle. people that have been playing for a while (or have dropped actual dollars on it-- about $8 per weapon, $2.50 per class) have much better shit than you. and with the 400-800xp you get per round that's something like 170 rounds to get the 100,000xp necessary to unlock a weapon.

so if you like losing a lot and grinding endlessly and raging at bullshit for hours on end this game's for you!

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i've played it a bit and unlocked a few classes (sentinel, infiltrator, technician) but it seems like there's some pretty huge balancing issues. some weapons are just stupidly overpowered

Aside from the super heavy perk, my main class is Juggernaut with the default loadout. Things you have right away. Getting the xp to upgrade those is also not very difficult, especially if you go for the EXP medals right away. I typically do pretty well [as far as kills go, I get mid to top place each round]. Also, the people you start out playing with are absolute retards, because the matches put you with people your rank. Starting out for me it was a bit unfair 'cause I've been playing a heavy class since Tribes 1 came out, so I already knew how the game was supposed to work. I'm almost rank 19 now. Haven't been able to play as much as I'd have liked, otherwise I think I'd have a gold badge by now.

I'm really liking what the game's turned into so far, really all I need is a few new maps [and a map editor!!!!] and I would love to have the bomber and heavy transport back from Tribes 2. This is still the most fun I've had playing a game for the last year or so.

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I've been playing since about the game was released (Name: Hexenmeister), and I am still not great. I can grab and occasionally even cap a flag, and I do well in base defense. I think my hardware hold me back a bit, because even after stripping down the graphics and the HUD, my frame rate can get pretty choppy. So sniping is certainly out of the question.

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