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FF6 Remix Project -- 2 Week Extension

Jason Covenant

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FF6 Remix Project

It's been inevitable for years. But not for me. I didn't have an snes or playstation growing up on account of being poor. So I didn't even hear of the game until adulthood. Even then, I didn't really understand the fawning or nostalgia that seemed to accompany references to the game. Well, that changed last month when I played it for the first time on an emulator. There's a lot I like about the game: the story, character development, but most of all the music. The music is absolutely gorgeous.

How this project will work:

I'd like to do this a little differently than other projects. I've divided it into 8 phases. Phases 1-6 will last a month each. You can call a track any time in phase 1-6 if you are a posted remixer. If not, you will can still claim a track for 2 weeks. Three phases (months) after having called your track, you will be expected to be done or almost done with it. If not, you will be dropped from the track. This will help us get through the production process a bit faster. Since different tracks will have different timelines, I will keep dates next each track being worked on.

Phase 7 will be wrapup and will go from July 1st til October 1st. In this phase, I will begin remixing or finding remixers for tracks that aren't taken or have been dropped. Phase 8 will be mastering/sorting the tracks and preparing for release.


Phase 1 January 1st - February 1st

Phase 2 February 1st - March 1st

Phase 3 March 1st - April 1st

Phase 4 April 1st - May 1st

Phase 5 May 1st - June 1st

Phase 6 June 1st - July 1st

Phase 7 July 1st - October 1st

Phase 8 October 1st - January 1st, 2013

OCR-goers regularly complete tracks in a week for competitions, so I think these timelines should provide for plenty of time.

Don't pick a track someone else has taken until all other tracks are full. If we do get two remixes of the same track, the better remix will be on the main album, while the other will be part of the bonus material.

Quality and Community:

We have two main goals with this project: To create a quality remix album for the FF6 sound track and to involve/help develop the community. I'd like to see some new faces on this project along with the more established remixers.

I'd like to see collabs. If someone needs some help in an area you know a thing or two about, don't hesitate to pitch in.

Rexy is my assistant director who will also be providing critiques and help, especially with arrangement issues. Feel free to ask her for help.

Other Projects:

I know there's a million other projects out there. I personally think you can never have too much good music. This project will take a year, so if a remixer has 8 different tracks on 8 different projects, I'm sure they'll still be able to find the time to do a remix on this one without sacrificing effort on the other ones. If we have difficulty filling tracks, I'll remix whatever is left over in phase 7 and 8.

Other FF6 Remixes:

I'm aware that certain FF6 songs have been covered a lot already. I'll be remixing the two most remixed (on this site) tracks in order to avoid a stampede. Other rules still apply to these remixes. Despite the large number of FF6 remixes out there, there are still quite a few beautiful tracks that have never been remixed. Once the tracklist is full, all tracks will be open to work on. I realize some tracks are more popular than others, and so we may get a lot of bonus remixes of certain tracks. Nothing wrong with that at all, I just want to make sure the lesser remixed tracks are covered too.


All genres are welcome with 1 exception: It must sound like it could be from this century. This means no pure chiptunes. You can still use chip sounds as elements, just not as the whole mix.

Forums are here: http://www.kngi.org/phpbb3/viewforum.php?f=124


Individual tracks:


Another World of Beasts (Tuberz McGee) (Due 4-1-12)

Aria de Mezzo Carattere (Jason Covenant, Terra Matter, and GLL OR Orangedragan) (Wip due 4-1-12)

Awakening (Xarnax42) (Wip due 4-1-12) (COSI)

Battle Theme (BONKERS) (Wip due 4-1-12) (LFCP: Especially live trumpet and strings)



Cyan's Theme

(Wip due 4-1-12)Celes (GLL) (Wip due 4-1-12)

Coin Song

Dancing Mad

Dark World (Darangen) (Wip due 4-1-12)

Devil's Lab (Chernabogue, HoboKa) (Due 4-1-12)

Edgar & Sabin's Theme (pu_freak) (Due 4-1-12)

Ending Theme

Epitaph (Orangedragan, Jason Covenant, AkumajoBelmont) (Wip due 4-1-12)



Forever Rachel (Jakesnke17) (Wip due 4-1-12)

Gau (Tuberz McGee) (Due 4-1-12)


Grand Finale?

Johnny C Bad (Tuberz McGee, Mirby, Brandon Strader, Rexy, Wiesty) (Wip due 4-1-12)

Kefka (Jason Covenant) (Wip due 4-1-12)

Kids Run Through the City

Last Dungeon AKA Kefka's Tower (Rockos) (Due 4-1-12)


Metamorphosis (Anti-Syne) (Wip due 4-1-12)


Mt. Koltz

New Continent

Opening Theme (Metal Man, Blastphemy) (Wip due 4-1-12)


Phantom Train (GLL) (Wip due 4-1-12)

Relm (Rexy) (Wip due 4-1-12)

Rest in Peace (Jason Covenant) (Wip due 4-1-12)


Save Them!

Searching for Friends (Emperor Charlemagne) (Wip due 4-1-12)



Slam Shuffle

Spinach Rag

Strago (Tuberz McGee) (Due 4-1-12)

Techno de Chocobo

Terra (Jason Covenant) (Wip due 4-1-12)

The Day After

The Decisive Battle (Nekofrog) (Wip due 4-1-12)

The Empire "Gestahl" (Dj Mokram) (Due 4-1-12)

The Fierce Battle (Tuberz McGee) (Due 4-1-12)

The Magic House (GLL) (Wip due 4-1-12) (LFCP)

The Mines of Narshe

The Phantom Forest (PabloComa) (Due 4-1-12)

The Prelude (Dusk) (Wip due 4-1-12)

The Serpent Trench

The Unforgiven

The Wedding Waltz ~ Duel

The Veldt (OA, bLiNd) (Wip due 2-15-12)

Troops March On


Under Martial Law


The Veldt + Shadow (Jakesnke17) (Wip due 2-1-12)

LFCP = Looking for Collab Partners

COSI = Conditional on Significant Improvement

Red = Claimed, wip not yet turned in

Purple = Wip turned in, not done.

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If I can I would like to Claim "Battle Song"

I have 2 songs passed on the panel right now that are project mixes and 1 DP song that is waiting to be posted.

I'm really hesitant to step into this album because FFVI is a very popular and sensitive game and personally for a lot of reasons.

The Original sound , I LOVE IT. As I do for most of the FF games and I consider FFIV-XIII to sound perfect in their original forms.

Also, I really don't want to step on the toes of fans of the music by RADICALLY changing the genres of a lot of the music.(Because when you change something that much, you are changing and possibly destroying what the music is to them and how they remember it from the game , how they hear it and whatnot)

So for that reason I want to keep most of the original instrumentation of the original music and expand upon that.

That means, a fast paced(at first, can be changed) rock battle theme with a Trumpet lead. String accompaniment and acoustic drums.

That also means, I'd like to have Live performances for most if not all instruments-(I can of course do live guitar/bass).

I may also throw other instruments in there in other sections I don't know.

All I know so far is that Brandon Strader is pushing for me to take this while I can, and I can hear a faint image of what i'd like to do in my head.

I'll take it one step at a time.

Proof of Concept:

http://www.box.com/s/g4regidvkpt2ygl5zr4u (updated)

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Not to be a whiny willy, but considering the length of Dancing Mad can I have like, more time than the usual person gets

Like maybe 4-1 instead of 2-1

Nope, same deadline lengths for everyone. A 50% percent done wip can be just the arrangement, if finding recording times is an issue. A fully complete arrangement in the form of a midi is acceptable as a 50% done wip.

If I can I would like to Claim "Battle Song"

I have 2 songs passed on the panel right now that are project mixes and 1 DP song that is waiting to be posted.

Just make a 50% done wip and share it. I tried the link you gave, but it said the file wasn't there.

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Try this direct link then. It should work.


Note though that it's extremely barebones. Made it in about an hour.

I like what you've got so far. Get some more sounds and expand it into a 50% wip and I'll put you down for the track. If you don't have them at your fingertips, placeholders will do. Just enough so we can get a more complete vision of your final wav. Curious, how long are you shooting for in terms of length?

I'm hoping maybe I can find someone who can play live Trumpet and strings and stuff.

That would be cool. There's a lot of capable musicians in this community. But, if you absolutely can't find someone for live strings, I think I'm half decent at sequencing them and could help if strings are something you're lacking.

Here's some examples of my sequenced strings:

I'm in for this if you'll have me, not been involved in a project yet.

Any chance I can get Metamorphosis?

Sure. Just updated the tracklist.

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