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Mainstream music stealing game beats


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Looking at this from another angle, VGM itself has been known, on occasion, to steal from mainstream music ;-) So perhaps this is just payback, or things coming full circle. I'm not JUST talking about Doom, there are plenty of other examples; of course, there's a difference, in my mind at least, between compositional "borrowing" and actual sampling, but the endpoint is that all music steals from other music, in a sense.

In a way, I'm almost happy that it often goes uncredited, because I'm not 110% sure I want Chrono Trigger to be forever associated with Wiz Khalilfa, in the public's view. I guess that's a whole different conversation, though...

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Wow, I think a lot of people here could stand to put down their bottles of haterade...

People like what they like.

I think it's awesome you have all these upcoming rappers and rock bands sampling video game music. Shows you they are people too, with interest and hobbies like us, and want to show their love for it just like we do.

and to make this post relevant, I present Charles Hamilton's November 10th track, which uses a masterful sampling of Sonic's Marble Zone.

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Alright. I listened to OP's examples. Honestly, these have nothing whatsoever to do with 8bit 80's. Seriously.

You say 8bit, and I expect. No, demand chiptune. See Halc, Benjamin Briggs, Insert Rupee, even Virt for chrissake. This is chiptune. This is 8bit.

Only a few underground artists and bands will use this. Hell even Whiz Khalifa did it. But you distinctly knew what it was. Pussy Cat Dolls and Dev and Beyonce? Nigga plz.

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Didn't Eminem made a track with some Soul Calibur II BGM. I thought it sounded similar. Track is called Hellbound.

Well, yes and no:

  1. It was a Masta Ace song that Eminem was featured on, not vice versa
  2. The song also has a quote from Mitsurugi saying "You'll be in hell before me." So they're not really hiding where it's from. (The song's name is Hellbound)
  3. The song is from an album called Game Over which was released by an independant label and features a number of VGM related beats (as its name would suggest)

Soul Calibur:


Hellbound (feat. Eminem) by Masta Ace

There was a follow-up album with some similar content.

Kid Icarus


Move In, Ride Out by Tonedeff

There's a bunch of other instances as well, obviously

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