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Recommend me some good drumming


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I'm not much interested in historical relevance, I just want some impressive drum tracks with hi-hat craziness.

Jeff Thal

He's Ron Thal's brother, love u ron 5ever bro!

Speaking of bf.

D.rumble is a killer drummer. He keeps his parts really interesting to listen to.

Marco Minnemann, he's a boss.

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It's kinda awesome that the first track to REALLY blow my mind with it's drumming was Zircon's Ragol Weather. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I was a rabid PSO fan at one point. Check it out if you haven't already:

KC Roberts & The Live Revolution have redefined, at least to me, what it means to be funky. This may not be the showiest performance Chino (the drummer) has put on but it's fun as hell:

Now if you're looking for something to work your brain a little more, check out ALL of Brotherly's first album, 'One Sweet Life'. Serious stank face material. They play with time like they created it in the first place. This song isn't the absolute best example of crazy stuff but it's still a great groove:

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I definitely am a huge fan of Neil Peart, really has a great sound and mad chops.

Also, check out Stewart Copland, of the Police. He has a great, energetic, reggae-meets-ska-meets-virtuoso style. Very cool hi-hat work.

Check out Message In a Bottle, Walking on the Moon, and Driven to Tears. Oh, and Synchronicity 1 and 2.

Peace to all!


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